the new B Fendi...

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  1. I love this new purse...does anyone know if it comes in all cream? I've seen it in all black but it's in patent leather...not really what i want. I saw on eBay in all cream but not sure if it's real. :biggrin:
  2. It comes in white patent and white leather - I didn't think they made a 'cream'. Check NM they used to have white avail for pre-order
  3. they said its the "hot" bag right now. i dont know for sure bec. i havent seen one IRL (am still dreaming of owning a spy petrol) :smile:
  4. Actually, the white patent was never produced (even though it was shone on the runway). So only made in white polished calfskin. It was also made in a cream leather with embellished lace floral buckles.
  5. The Medium ones Ive seen were

    Honey Nappa / Black patent
    All White leather
    CREAM Canvas / Black patent
    CREAM Canvas / Red patent
    CREAM Canvas / Royal Blue patent
    All Black patent
    All Black leather
    All Brown leather

    am I missing any?
  6. all blue & red patent as well!!!
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