the neverending quest for the perfect..

  1. clutch. i like the chicness that comes with carrying a clutch, especially since my wardrobe isnt at all chic, i thought this would be a nice change, just randomly carrying a clutch, but i dont want a petite one, something a bit bigger, i dont carry alot so the size doesnt matter as much. any ideas? im looking to spend under 700, like thats the most i;d ever want to spend, but im also in the market for more wallet friendly ones, they dont have to be designer, just have to grab my eye. Many Thanks!:flowers:
  2. this is on special on Dooney:

    Flip Lock Clutch
    L 12" H 5"
    Inside zip pocket. Lined. Sale price $129.50
    Regular Price $ 185

    But then it's Dooney! You probably hate it!
  3. LOL i dont mind the fact that its a dooney, im not a fan of croc embossed leather and would rather have a coin purse type of closure.
  4. I still LOVE the Kooba Haydon. Check it out on JC Madison website. It's gorgeous; I have it and use it often!
  5. 1st one; near your $700 mark, Christian Louboutin Aionoeud
    2nd one; cheap and chic, $200 Wilber and Gussie made from silk (I bought one from Browns website)

    I use these as my 'going out for lunch' bag but not sure if you want to buy the same things as a girl with no fashion sense, LOL.
    Louboutin.jpg 73726_1.jpg
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