The nerve of this seller!

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  1. Ok, I bought a bag in Oct. It still has not arived. I have contacted the seller a few times and she was always slow to respond just saying that she is sorry the bag has not arrived, etc. So I file a dispute w/ pp because, well, its been almost 3 weeks and no bag. This is how she responded to the dipute and then she escalated it herself.

    I shipped the items on October 15 via Priority Mail. The buyer opted not to purchase insurance, so - unfortunately - I do not feel responsible for a refund. I have over 600 positive transactions on eBay, and I believe my feeback speaks for itself. I am an honest person, and I always complete my part of the transaction. I am sorry that the buyer did not receive the items, but - as I mentioned - she opted not to insure the item. Unfortunately, I do not feel responsible for a refund in this case

    Evidently she does not have a tracking # or anything. My bag still has not arrived and I am just so upset! I really wanted that bag. I really think she shipped it, but where did it go?
  2. Yikes that is so scary!! I think the only way to be super sure is to INSIST on a tracking number and purchasing insurance. As a mostly buyer on ebay, I always ask and pay for the extra insurance. As a seller, I ALWAYS insure the package and also get a USPS confirmation number (costs 65 cents). I incorporate those costs into my shipping price so we can both be protected. This is not a time to be cheap for buyer or seller! This way you can track it and if it really does get lost, you get your money back from USPS insurance. It costs a little extra, but worth it for worst case scenario. So far in my case, thank goodness nothing has ever been lost but I am always waiting for the inevitable. Then there is always the unscrupulous seller who says they sent the item and then does not. If this is the case, you may be totally screwed with no tracking number unless you paid using a credit card. Maybe Paypal will rule in your favor, but probably not since you didn't get insurance (or did she even offer it?):sweatdrop: Hope this helps. Moral of the story: ALWAYS GET INSURANCE !!
  3. Well this will be a good lesson for your seller. She will be refunding your money if she can't show proof of delivery.

    Sorry you didn't get the purse you wanted though....maybe it will still show.
  4. There are enough threads here of past experience to show that insurance and tracking are the seller's responsibility. If she cannot provide proof that the item was delivered to you, then Paypal should side with you.
  5. Yes, this may end up being an expensive lesson for the seller. It doesn't matter if you purchased insurance or not, it is the seller's responsibility to get the bag to you in the condition it was sold. Paypal will side with you over non-delivery and seller will have to refund whether she feels responsible or not. And if the bag never shows up, she out the bag too.

    Insurance is inexpensive for the peace of mind it buys. As a seller, just ask yourself how you'd feel if the bag never arrived and you had to pay the buyer back. Suddenly even losing a $50 item (which equals a total loss of $100) seems like a lot.
  6. Feedback is irrevelant. Read Paypal's buyer and seller protection policies and you'll see that the seller is only protected from refunding non-received items if they sent the package with tracking (signature required for items over $250). If they can't provide Paypal with the online tracking no for your item then you will win the dispute. If they had gotten insurance (regardless of who paid for it) then they could have gotten their money back from USPS. Since they didn't it will be them who is out the $$$. Just keep plugging away with Paypal and you will get your money back.
    Please buyers - remember that you are not the one responsible for getting or paying for tracking and insurance - they are to protect the seller not the buyer!
  7. she may not feel responsible to refund you but she is. as others have said as a seller it is her responsibilty to make sure the bag gets to you and ewven if you don't pay for insurance she should have insured it anyway. how much was the bag?
  8. ugh, I'm sorry about this, I hope it all gets sorted out and your bag appears
  9. She is DEFINITELY responsible! You paid for an item you didn't receive. PP will most certainly side with you.

    Whenever I ship, I ship through PayPal and that automatically generates a tracking number for me, plus it's easy to add insurance. PayPal e-mails my buyers the tracking number. I don't know why more people DON'T ship through PayPal, because it's certainly helped me and it's very convenient. Covers my butt too with tracking.
  10. We don't ship through Paypal because half the time the PO doesn't scan the labels when we drop off and the numbers don't get tracked. I prefer to just wait in line and know I will be able to track.
  11. Paypal WILL find her responsible if she can't provide tracking. It will probably take awhile but you should get your money back.
  12. Yep, part of the seller's "responsibility" according to PayPal is that she/he has to provide a delivery conformation number. No, she did not have to buy insurance if you did not opt for it, however she does have to do delivery conformation. I have a feeling she is and her remarkable record may be in for a shock..,.

  13. If you use paypals muli-order shipping you can print a scan sheet BEFORE you print your labels. It is one sheet the PO scans it, and it shows the date and time you dropped it off at your PO.
  14. So the SELLER should always get delivery confirmation? Is this beyond insurance and tracking #? I think USPS offers 1) insurance 2) delivery confirmation, i.e tracking number for extra 65 cents and3) delivery conf. -- pkg. that has to be signed for. Sorry but I am confused. Signing for the package - is this super important or mainly the ability to trace it? As a sller I always opt out for insurance and delivery conf w/ tracking number.
  15. ^^^Yes the seller has to ship with DC and insurance if they want to be protected by Paypal's seller protection.

    Delivery confirmation isn't really tracking, it ussually just shows delivered, however sometimes it does get scanned and updated on its way to it's destination.

    Signature confirmation is required on all items over $250.....I believe it is $250, but someone will correct me if I am wrong:smile: