1. Is there a bag you love so much you have doubles, triples, or maybe even more of it? 10 pochettes? 4 noes? 6 speedies? 9 cles? :yahoo: Or maybe it's a certain epi or vernis color you're in love with. Show us your MULTIPLES!
  2. Only the papillons and speedies! :wlae:

    IMG_0432.JPG Copy of IMG_0648.JPG
  3. I'll take a picture of my Speedies soon but I have 5:
    Cerises, White MC, Black MC, Vintage Monogram 30, Damier 30

    and my PTI wallets (6):
    Vintage monogram, Black MC and 2 each of the Peppermint and Fuchsia vernis.

    Cles/keycases (9):
    Damier 4 key holder (2), White MC, Cerises Round, Cerises, Vintage Monogram, Panda, Marshmallow Vernis and a monogram 4 key holder that isn't in the picture.

    Pochettes (10):
    Peach Graffiti, White MC, Black MC, Monogram, Fuchsia Charms, Fuchsia Lexington, Brown/Pink Cherry Blossom, Green Perfo, Cerises, Panda.
    PTIwallets.JPG lvkeychains&cases.JPG pochettes.JPG
  4. omg :nuts:

  5. small stuff....also have a mc pochette but couldn't fit it in the picture... Oh yeah, have 3 speedies too,, 35, and 25 mandarin epi...
  6. I love my MC speedy's. Don't care as much for the mono speedy because of the sag. But I adore these :heart:

    My white one was my first MC bag so it has been loved a little more.
    But the patina looks darker than it really is because it's next to the black one that still has light patina :smile:
  7. your multiples are so cute ladies!
  8. Mine are speedies.
    I have the denim, white mc and mono

  9. Here are my speedys, I hope to add many more!
    Picture-048.jpg Picture-050.jpg
  10. I loved a pic, here are my many speedies

  11. Oh, I forgot. I have a denim speedy too
  12. Thx BagFetish!!:yes:

    Here is a updated pic with the *newest member* - Red Epi Speedy 25!!:yahoo: Also my pochettes!

  13. My Cles': Panda & Groom Cles.... (and infamous "cles impersonator" the ronde, "he" just snuck in the pic!) OOPS!:shame:

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