The Most Expensive Handbag in the World??

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    The Most Expensive Handbag in the World??

    Amanda Gore in Luxury

    Gadino, a Norwegian accessory company, has created a 'Limited Edition' range of handbags for 2007, on view as part of the Millionaire Fair . Made from a choice of crocodile, python or ostrich leather and set with solid white gold and diamonds, the bag retails for €30,800!! Available only on special request, the price includes the option of customising your bag with a variety of personalised charms, and the knowledge that only 50 of each design will ever be made. Not obvious bling, the bag looks relatively understated, which surely defies the point of spending such an obscene amount in the first place! Wonder how many they'll sell- after the success of the fair in Moscow, expectations are high for the opening in Shanghai in May.
  2. Yuck! Gaudy, to say the least! :yucky: I could think of a ton of things I'd buy before I'd slap down the cash for that baby!!
  3. WOW !!!!! what a bag !!! maybe i am an idiot, but seriously, by looking at the picture, i cant really justify paying 30,000 euros at all !!!
  4. In the Chicago Hermes shop, I saw a Birkin with diamonds that was $130,000 and change. It may have been a special display bag, however. I'm thinking house, rather than purse at those prices. what would 30,000 euros be in dollars? Regardless, that's a seriously expensive bag!:wtf:
  5. 30,000 euros = 38,727.17 USD
  6. Ugh... not feeling that bag at all...
    Is it just me, or does a pink python bag with gold hardware and diamonds seem a little too blingy-gangsta?

    I'd rather get an Hermes, if I'm going to plunk down that kind of $$. Saw an ostrich Birkin for $15k, and seriously, if I were rich... Even though that kind of money would obliterate my student loans. :p
  7. Yup! I'd rather get a car!!
  8. eek. i could find far better ways to spend my money. its not even cute.
  9. I saw a bottega veneta woven croc bag on their website today, retailing for 58,000 euros! and of course the diamond croc birkin, which is like 89,000 euros!
  10. ugh, surely that isn't the MOST expensive handbag in the world?
  11. I have seen a croc birkin with diamonds for 150k
  12. That isn't the most expensive handbag in the world.
  13. To much money.
  14. Umm... there are some Hermes bags that are more expensive than that, I think.
  15. Me too.:yes: