The most disturbing MBMJ fake I have ever seen. Please take note

  1. And I thought there weren't MBMJ fake bags!
  2. yep GUNG, you're right... i was looking at it like it's not a fake till i saw the tags on it...geezus stop the insanity!!
  3. ^^ and the Dr. Q Groovee doesn't have that lining! Boo and hiss! :yucky:
  4. There have been fake MbMJs for quite a while. Recently though the fakes have gotten more accurate (except this one which uses an incorrect lining). That is why you should have any bag you are considering authenticated before you purchase it.
  5. Reported! :yucky:
  6. school blocks eBay, so i can't see the pics. can anyone attach the pics? i want to see the mbmj superfake! tia.
  7. Here you go! :smile:
    Fake MbMJ.jpg Fake MbMJ 2.jpg Fake MbMJ 3.jpg
  8. thanks, melly. i appreciate it.

    wow. well, i don't know what to say. the lining is incorrect and the leather texture is still wrong, but that's still pretty damn good. i wonder what the back of the zippers look like... the dr. q bags were very popular, so it's no surprise that they're replicating it. i guess we're all going to have to study up on our mbmj skills now for authentication purposes.