The most comfortable/practical LV bag?

  1. (Sorry if this has been discussed already)

    Which LV do you find the most comfortable to use on a daily basis? The one that's easiest to carry, to open, etc. I don't own a lot of pieces, but the Croissant is the most comfortable LV I own. Lightweight, it fits on my shoulder, easy opening...I adore that bag and I use it more than any other...:love: Of course it's not my "show-off" bag, but it's great.
  2. I have the monogram looping MM bag - it is lightweight and very practical to use. This is the most practical bag I own as all the others are handheld. :smile:
  3. Bh
  4. Azur speedy and Sonatine for handheld, don't have many shoulder bag, but if I must choose, Mahina XL will be my go to shoulder bag :heart:
  5. popincourt haut.
  6. Batignolles Horizontal for me.
  7. Comfortable? My 15 year old Speedy 30. Soft, supple, it just molds to my body. Love the patina and the softness. However, I've never thought it was really practical, as I can't carry it on my shoulder.

    Practical? I think it will be my new Batignolles Horizontal. We're still in the 'bonding' stage, but I love how easy she is to carry..... she looks great with just the few items I carry on a daily basis, but I can still put a laptop, file folders, my gym clothes, and lunch in there!!! Now THAT'S practical!
  8. The most comfortable for me would be my Viva-Cite GM ~ great for travelling, the pockets up front are very practical for all my stuff (i.e. cell, digi, make-up). For everyday, it would have to be my Speedy's!
  9. Speedy 30.
    Cabas Piano/Mezzo/Alto
  10. BH and Popincourt haut.
  11. BH! So easy to get in and out of, lightweight, carried on the shoulder and can fit A TON!!
  12. Batignolles Horizontal is the most comfortable and practical. My favorite bag though is my Damier Alma. Speedy 30 is a close third.
  13. I am loving how comfortable and practical me Griet is. Such a great size for everyday but holds a lot, the divided center and pockets are great for staying organized, and while I usually use it as a hand/arm bag, it easily goes on my shoulder if I need hands free.
  14. same here.......:tup:
  15. My batignolles or my Neverfull.