The most bizzare Hermes bag I've ever seen

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  2. I mean...what is this?!?! REALLY?!?!
  3. I feel visually assaulted. As beautifully as the Grand Mariage K/B pulled off the material combo, this is the complete opposite! The "summit of true Hermes style" sheesh I hope not.

    "A late eighties era creation..." nvm, it all makes sense now.
  4. Thanks for the good laugh! I really needed that as it's been a rough day.
  5. Claude: "Oh s***! I messed up the corner of the ostrich siding!"

    Pierre: "It's okay. I messed up last week on a few pieces. Here, take this strip of alligator and box leather. See if Jeanne has any extra suede from that pillow he was making."

    Jeanne: "Here, I have a little extra suede that you can use for the side."

    Claude: "Thanks, guys. But nothing matches. This thing would look terrible!"

    Pierre: "Don't worry about it. Just put something together. People will say it's 'extremely rare' and some idiot will buy it."
  6. This bag, the Himalaya, has been the subject of many posts and great mirth on the forum ... one is here.

    If you do a search, they should come up, if you are interested in more info about it. Or just reactions to it (most of which are like yours).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.