The Monaco Babe Thread *READ THE WARNING FIRST*

  1. *WARNING* this is a thread that was initially started by the infamous conartist Monaco Babe a/k/a paparazzi-girl a/k/a Moda-da. We leave this thread up for your reference only and to hopefully warn potential victims. While you can post questions here, I would strongly encourage you to start a new thread, or post in an already existing thread in order to have your questions answered efficiently. Thank you.

    Hi everybody! I found this forum quite a while ago but never thought abut joining it but after all I see that there are many Hermes addicts out there and probably my knowledge could be of interest for some of you folks! I am not pretending to be Hermes guru, not all but for the years I have established contacts with this brand that could be called intimate so I know almost everything from whithin. How it works. So if you have any questions on anything concerning Hermes - I would be happy to reply. Do not hesitate with questions or probably any help needed - I will try to do my best and if I cannot reply right away you will definitely get the answer within 24 hours (just time to have a breakfast with my Hermes pals). So...
  2. Welcome to the forum!

    Does each shop really have a quota on how many bags they can order?

  3. Thanks for being welcomed! Yes, every shop has their own quota of bags that can be ordered but every shop has its selection as well which means that the main store in Paris will definitely have larger selection of bags than store in Boston for example. Their quotas also vary in accordance with demand of local customers. For example a Cannes store will have a bigger quota for white Birkins than a store in Lyon or Bordeaux. By the way stores quotas are not always full by orders so those that were not reserved by client will be delivered anyway to the store and should normally be available for sale for any customer on a "first come first served" basis.
  4. A big welcome...I am sure I will have a bunch of questions, but for now just hello and welcome to the forum.
  5. Thanks for the answer. This quota thing is really amazing and I bet even if the quota in NYC is bigger, there are so much more people living there that it still garners a long wait list.

    So, if the store does not have enough special orders for the quota, the manager can decide which colors/ leathers to order to fill the quota or does Paris say which bags they can have?
  6. Thank YOU!
  7. Thanks for coming forward and deciding to post! It's nice to have you here! Stay tuned as there are always questions that pop up! If you could respond to other threads too, that would be oh so helpful!
  8. Well special order is something really special. It has nothing to do with quotas. As a matter of fact long time ago everything was possible at Hermes. You could come and draw the bag you wanted to be done and they could produce it for you. Nowadays things changed radically. To access to the special order you really have to be a VIP client but once you have this status you can do almost ANYTHING. They simply give you a drawing of Birkin and you chose everything - from colors to leather, you can also chose stitching, lining, clochette and hardware. Whatever! I must admit I was so tempted that I ordered a bag in 5 different color combo (grafitte, blue jean, white, turquoise and gris tourterelle). Wanted even t ask for orange lining but after all was too scared that it will look like parrot.
    As for the store managers I do think that they can take dicisions on what to order for their stores but they should be VERY dependent on what Paris wants to give them. Of course Paris store is the most amazing store in the world but do not forget, their internal policy is to priviledge the local clientele and not foreigners.
  9. Welcome Welcome Birkin_bag_addict!!

    As a newbie to the Hermes world, I was blessed by all the lovely supportive and knowledgeable women on this forum. (My thanks again..:love: )
    It is really nice to know that someone else understands you and wants to help you find your baby~
  10. Sometimes I think we are all crazy when we become addicted to Hermes. They ARE our babies. My first Birkin bought four years ago was sitting on the table in the dining room and I was running around it as if it was a new-born kid! I even smelled it from time to time. My hubby was getting very nervous suspecting a serious nervous breakdown. Ever since I tried to find a cure but still with no success. :sad2:
  11. Welcome! And we're so glad to have your expertise here! We'd also love to see pictures of your bags if you'd ever care to share them!
  12. Oh, this is what I'm afraid of. I think I've just now joined the group with the Hermes sickness.:sick: It's fun, but soooo dangerous for me!:P
  13. Welcome! birkin_bag_addict. We'd love any Hermes inside knowledge you can share with us.:love:
  14. I will take some pictures in the days to come. Will pick up my new TOILE POTAMOS tomorrow and will share it with the world as well. I am absolutely in love with this new canvas.:love:
  15. When you would know inside of Hermes you would probably stop shopping with them. I can tell you one thing that is hard to believe but true: they ALWAYS have at least a couple of Birkins available for sale but as always it is about your replationship with them. But probably because of that we love them. Once we are IN their private circle we feel so important. :nuts: