The Mini Skirt That Was Not So Mini...On Me!

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  2. Perfect length for you. not mini, but awesome! You look darling!
  3. i have this problem too, and i am also 4'11
  4. it looks great!
  5. I'm 5'1" and I love getting miniskirts because I know they will usually hit me right above the knee, I know when I get older, I can't really prance around in super short skirts and things, so it gives the piece a little extra longevity and versatility

    And some long dresses can hit at awkward lengths for others, but it becomes floor-length for me, which is also a plus!
  6. Could it be possibly the model is wearing the skirt a little high waisted?
    But it still does look darling on you!
  7. My problem is "mini" skirts end up being "booty cheek city" skirts on me! haha. Im 5'8'' and all legs!

    The skirt does look cute on you though!! Its a deff. keep!
  8. You look fab with the skirt. I like how you paired it with your cardigan, top and shoes! I'm also petite so mini skirts for me fall just right above my knee lol!
  9. Hehe. It's more like a conservative pencil skirt on you.

    I also have a Philip Lim 3.1 skirt which is quite big on me even though it's my normal size. I think his sizing general runs large.
  10. Very cute!:yes: It is a great length imo.
  11. It looks great on you!
  12. I'm short too, it still looks good on you!
  13. That skirt is really cute though!
  14. It still looks pretty good. All those models on clothing websites are so tall...things rarely look the same.
  15. lol, that is funny. :roflmfao: