The MAC counter

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  1. You know, I enjoy wearing make-up like the next gal (or guy) but why is it that when I go into MAC I feel severely underdressed makeup-wise? I mean, these gals (and guys) look like they are in Cirque Du Soleil! Fun to look at yes (some of the stuff they do is quite artistic) but unless I wanted them to make me up like Bozo, they seemed to have no time for me. All I wanted was a new lip gloss! Anyone else have an interesting MAC tale?
  2. I recently noticed the same thing. I went to the MAC counter in OKC, two SA's were definitely over-made-up, the 3d was too but still Gorgeous!

    Did you buy the new lip conditioner?? I love it! We bought the one with the cute girl bunny!
  3. I ended up going to Sephora and getting the 6 piece LipFusion set. The MAC peeps were showing me so much stuff I finally had to say "hey, I'm not painting my house, I just want some lip gloss!"
  4. That's funny! I wish I had a Sephora I could walk into! I'm a regular online customer.

    I just ordered some Lipfusion from them. Does it work?
  5. you know - I can't say they gave me Angelina lips but they did look a slight bit fuller. They sure make your lips tingle. Maybe it's psycho-symatic (sic?).
  6. I love MAC but the boutique is TOO much for me. It's W A Y loud and I get completely ignored by the gay men working there than the women.
    I'm pretty natural make-up-wise so maybe I don't look like I'll buy enough{?}
    It's too over-stimulating for me! LOL!
  7. At Christmas I went in to find a few gifts and got some of the cute gloss pots with the critter images on top. The girl that waited on me was quite painted and pretty, and to her credit didn't make me feel like a foolish old broad who didn't belong ((even though I was carrying a fabulous bag...))
  8. The employees do wear alot of make-up. Everytime I go to a mac counter I get treated really well. All of the employees I encounter are extremly helpful.
  9. I find the MAC girls/boys to be quite *****y and unhelpful. Everyone else has always been nice and helpful. Just my opinion
  10. the ones that helped me were nice - they were just too enthusiastic about getting me to slap on a few coats - knowhatImean?:biggrin: It was like the stepford wives, "one of us, one of us...."
  11. I must say that I'm a fan of MAC and my experiences there. I dig their painted faces...I believe that if I'm going to spend time on my makeup that it should be fun and noticeable. Sometimes it takes awhile to get someone to wait on me, but that's my only gripe.
  12. My only problem with the MAC counter (inside my local Nordstrom) is that there are always so many people crowded around, trying to get waited on.
  13. I know what you mean. sometimes it's like a crowded Jewish deli!
  14. LOL:biggrin:
  15. I agree I love them..they look so pretty..I got the black KOHL (Sp?) eyeliner I love it!..I love sephora,my only complaint is that I feel that I dont get enough help.. I like the one on one department store attention I think more..Im a very picky person,and I love it when they help me!