The LOEWE thread: Share your love here!

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  1. I am obsessed with the Puzzle. I think I'm going to buy the small one, I see it more comfortable for everyday, because I already have other bigger bags. I'm looking for something intermediate.
    I would not buy it black, I agree that it is a bag that does not show its shapes in that color .. There are other black models / brands that I like more. I am thinking of buying the tan or the blue stone.
  2. Thanks for that! I guess this sadly didn't make it to production? Shame, I would have jumped on it and I got a sense many would have loved it too!

  3. Yay!! Welcome to the club!! Perhaps a nice compromise between what everyone was saying would be the black in medium? It'll ease your mind being safe from color transfer, but the medium size will alloe that signature puzzle slouch and molding?
    Oh, strange!! That's a lovely bag. I don't think the website was quite complete yet? I think after I posted someone else posted a bag from a retailer of Loewe that wasn't available on their website. Fingers crossed for you!
  4. Thanks! I'm going to try to go to SPC this this week! I also wish the new small came with the same strap and feet as the medium! I'll let you know what I decide. :smile:
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  5. Out with my puzzle:loveeyes:
    I need to use my other bags but can't resist this beauty lol:hbeat:
    Thanks for letting share:blush:

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  6. The puzzle is perfect for every day! Love your sweaters and coat as well!
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  8. Thank You! Glad I found the purse forum. I did get the medium today but second guessing my decision about the color again! I'll post pictures in a few.
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  9. Love the black! great color and size on you!
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  10. Ok. I went back to the store today and exchanged my small sand/mink for the medium calfskin grained leather in the Anthracite color. I love the medium, but now I'm second guessing the color again! :lol: The color looks different at home then it did in the store with the beautiful lighting. I don't want to go back to the store again to exchange, but I may want the black! Here's some pictures of the bag I bought today.

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  11. Don’t give up hope! It’s featured heavily in variations through the latest edition of Eye Loewe You! The white is labeled “Soft White Calf Bucket” (or Bagette, but that’s Fendi’s thing). Fingers crossed...

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  12. I think it looks AMAZING on you - it sits so nicely on you! I love the Anthracite colour too, its the best of both worlds - sometimes it looks black, sometimes blue...hey, even dark grey! It's very dependent on what you wear I guess. If it's your style, you could add a twilly/scarf for a pop of colour when you need it?
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  13. I agree with @piecesofalice , it looks great on you @Lgnice , and Anthracite should be a versatile choice! Other than a twilly/scarf, a bag charm could also add some colour when you want it (again, if that's your style)... Black is a classic choice too, though IA with the others who mentioned that it may not show off the Puzzle design as nicely as a lighter colour, or the colourblocked options that Loewe does every now and then... Anthracite is a good medium ground, IMHO!
  14. Oh thank you! Indeed this gives me hope! I love a good shoulder bag and this looks like a perfect one. And the dark blue and cognac combination is so gorgeous... the neutral tan is beautiful too, both perfect for Spring and Summer...
  15. Chilling