The LIZ Goes to the Wine Country!

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  1. My Acadia Taupe Lizard Spy Bag is not an everyday bag for me, she’s just a little too pretty & and just a little bit wild. So I needed a special occasion….

    Nicknamed “the LIZ” for her reptilian brown spots and my affection for a certain villain in the movie Formula 51 (albeit she is much more attractive than Meat Loaf any way you cut it!) I took her out for a spin over Presidents day Weekend at the Yakima Valley Red Wine & Chocolates Celebration. (Yes Saich2, I took her out!) Needless to say, many Dead Presidents passed through her spy hopper that weekend as we enjoyed Random Acts of Wine Tasting (and buying!) on her début Road Trip.

    Here are the pics: (you can click on the picture for titles and you can slow it or speed up slideshow)

  2. What a FABULOUS slideshow!!! Liz is very photogenic!:graucho: Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos!:smile:
  3. I love the photo with the tub. I nearly gasped and thought don't jump LIZ!!! :nuts:

    Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  4. Aaaaaaaaaaah, you've combined two of my loves in these pics: Gorgeous Spy and Wine Country. :girlsigh:

    That's acacia spy, yes?
  5. Quite agree Deco, I love this spy also love wine but cannot drink it I am lethal on just a glass of the stuff.
  6. Fabulous slide show!! Liz looked very at home in the wine country!! It looked very beautiful, but Liz stole the show, I had to watch the slide show a few times to take in the surroundings without getting distracted by little Miss Liz!!:smile:
  7. I am so green with envy. My white w/black Spy needs a non-bubbly companion and I soooo want it to be a LIZ. *cries softly* She's so puuuuurdy!
  8. WOW...HOT spy!!!!!!! :nuts:
  9. Wow so pretty :biggrin: congrats!
  10. Good for you for taking LIZ out! That beuty must be out and about so that she can be admired by everyone!
  11. Thank you TPFers for enjoying the slide show. My husband was very patient while I ventured off on a slightly Spy spin on the "roaming Gnome" on our trip. It is a very romantic and fun trip we make every year-Washington State has the 2nd largest Wine Production in the United States (2nd after California of course). The proximity of the Red Wine & Chocolates celebration to Valentines Day is no accident.:heart: :heart: It was fun taking Liz on the trip to show her off. :yes:
  12. I love how you made the slide and shot the pictures. Fabulous!
  13. Just stopping by this thread to admire Liz again. teehee
  14. Thanks fatefullotus, here are the final photos of the trip: 25 cases of wine, one Liz, 2 cats:

    By the way, this is what comes of being a couple of DISCs: Double Income Some Cats

    We spent enough money on wine to but 3 or 4 spy bags I'm afraid, or at least one Turbo for an S4 Audi acording to DH.:nuts:

    I hope we don't need to go to the wine merchant any time soon....but I'm sure we will :graucho: .

    PS: by the way, for you cat lovers, these are CFA Singapuras, hard to find...I understand they are quite popular in England also.
  15. Wow, look at all that wine!


    LIZ looks so tiny in her wine pen! :smile: