The little black bag

  1. ok, what do you thinking is the perfect little black bag that will take you everywhere? Here are some which i'm black of course...
    p10260391_ph_althero_Moka.jpg p10086848_ph_althero_New_Red.jpg p10902438_ph_hero.jpg
  2. oh.. how can i forget the chanel flap bag and 2.55...
  3. I have the first LV one-its great!
  4. I love the LV and of course either Chanel you mentioned! Perfect!
  5. I have the LV pochette, and I love it. I carry it regularly both to work (inside a larger totebag) and on the weekends out to dinner, etc. I can fit my wallet, keys, lipstick, and cell phone in it with no problems.

    I also really like the 2nd one (Honfleur). It has more room which is a plus. I love Epi leather since it's so durable. My husband got the pochette for me in October 2004 and it still looks new.
  6. I like the first LV
  7. I love the first LV. That bag will even look good with jeans.
  8. I'd pick the 2nd LV
  9. My vote is the 2nd LV.
  10. I love the pochette accessories in black epi, it just looks so sleek !
  11. I like the 1st one!!

    But, if you are considering a Chanel 2.55...I pick that!!! :biggrin:
  12. There is also the new Hermes Paris-Bombay that is gorgeous, especially in the small size.
  13. Love hte first one, but first choice is the Chanel!

    Oh, and LaVanguardia is so right- the Paris Bombay is TDF!!!! Check out her thread in the Hermes section.
  14. I love the first! I'm a fan of the Epi stuff.
  15. im loving the epi black pochette! its totally yum!!! :smile: