The license plate that gets all the attention!!

  1. I just got my personalize license plate..Like I said it's not just a bag..It's a lifestyle...


    What dod you think of dat????:tup:
  2. :tup: That's what I call an LV LOVER!
  3. You know what is sooo funny, people think I "LUV LAS VEGAS"...I have to show them..>it's a bag not a place!!
  4. I LOVE it! Too freakin cute. Mine are college alumni plates for bachelors on one car and masters on the other and only have a few numbers or that would be so cool to get. Looks great with the state tag. Wish I lived in AZ!
  5. Wow that is really cool.
  6. At least you can claim it's for Vegas if you ever need to! lol
  7. wow can't believe that was not taken. you surly are the #1 LV fan. LOVE IT.
  8. lvoe it!
  9. coolest thing I have ever seen.
  10. Hey, LV should give you a VIP gift for that! I would send a pic to LV with a nice letter!
  11. Fantastic!! I love your license plate --- it definitely is a winner!!
  12. Too cool!!
  13. Cool :nuts:
  14. I love it! Awesome license plate!!
  15. thats cute