The leather on my small MP is cracked!

  1. Last April or May I don't remember but when I was at Fendi I got the chance to buy from the Marc Jacobs employee sale and I bought a small multipocket in cherry blossom. I used it over the summer but not that often and it still looks brand new and when I went to look at it the other day I noticed that there's a crack in the leather! I'm so upset about this! Do you think MJ will fix it or they'll tell me too bad? I'll take pictures tomorrow and show you guys.
  2. oh no!! Maybe it needs some moisturizer... I'm not sure if MJ will fix it, because it's beyond the warranty period. It's still worth a try though!
  3. My guess is that they will not fix it but would refer you to somewhere they may be able to help you. I agree with what thithi said - try some leather moistuirzer on it to see if it helps.
  4. What moisturizer do you recommend I go buy?
  5. Where is the crack? The leather on my brick red MP started to crack on each side where the handle rings joined the bag itself. I sent it off to MJ thru Bloomingdale's to get fixed, and although it took nearly 3 months to get back, it looks flawless now. They even polished up the hardware, and cleaned the leather on the entire bag, so I swear it looked like they sent me a new bag!
  6. I would try the Apple Garde conditioner on it first... but some of the girls in the Balenciaga forum swear by Lubriderm sensitive lotion(I think it's the blue labeled one) to moisturize their bags and remove veins.