The Latest Scam

  1. Hey Ladies,Just thought I would give you a heads up on the latest scam. I thought I had seen it all . . .and then .. . . I sold a purse to a lady, she paid me immediately, and I printed out a shipping label from paypal. Well, a couple days later she left me positive feedback indicating she loved the item. I thought that was strange because I knew she hadn't received it yet! I hadn't shipped the item because it was the memorial weekend holiday so I was going to wait until tuesday to drop it off in the mail. When I logged into my paypal account that day, I noticed she had file an "unauthorized activity" on the transaction. I contacted paypal and they told me she did this, so they reversed the money from my account. It took them about 2 weeks to investigate, until they credited her the money. Luckily I did not drop her package in the mail, otherwise I would be out the $ and the product. I'm thinking she thought I would leave automatic feedback, if she left me + feedback, and since a tracking # was emailed to her, she figured I had mailed it. Maybe you guys know about this scam, but if not I thought I would let you know.
  2. Thanks for this info. Pming you.
  3. Oops, couldn't PM. I'd like to know who this buyer was, I'm sure we would all like to know.
  4. Damn!
  5. Wow!! Thank Goodness you didn't send the package out! Hopefully pay pal will shut her account down once you can prove to them she is a scam artisit.
  6. i hate lying thieves!! and paypal is just an enabler - with the lack of security, anyone can "claim" to have unauthorized activity. i hope that buyer got kicked out.
  7. Wait, I dont get it... why did she file unauthorized activity.. didnt even know you could file that, and then left positive feedback also? whats the point..

    Sorry im slow
  8. They never quit, do they? :confused1:
  9. Did she have a confirmed shipping address? I'm wondering if that means confirmed address won't protect you either... How was her feeback? ugh, i can't believe some people!
  10. That's a new one. Wow, thanks for letting us know.
  11. wow! I think it would be a good idea to print out the shipping label the same day after payment has been received, but don't ship it out until another day or two just to make sure...
  12. Thanks for the info!!
  13. Wow i never heard of that one thanks for letting us know.
  14. To follow up to some questions asked- I'm not going to disclose the buyer because I don't want her to retaliate (as it sounds like some buyers do from reading this site). But, yes she is an active Ebayer who a score of 200+ but not 100% percent. She did have a confirmed address. After this was all said and done I opened an unpaid item dispute with eBay- and surprise, surprise she has not responded. As sellers and buyers you can never be too careful. Take precautions and use your best judgement. If see something fishy, I notify eBay as well as any bidders and just politely ask or advise them of your suspisions. It has actually saved some buyers before who are new to eBay. If I am shipping an expensive item, I will often require insurance, as well as having a confirmed address. It can be a headache sometimes. Someone bought a Chloe bag from me, and as much as I did not want to refund her money so that she could re-pay me with a confirmed address, its definently worth it in the long run.

    I do have a question though- something I have always wondered- can a non-paying buyer leave you negative feedback?
  15. Geez, thanks for letting us know!