The last of my Hermes goodies...for now!

  1. I called up SF Hermes and got the other Twilly I wanted (PHH was with me - I couldn't buy that many), the pink Brides de Gala. I love pink and thought this was so pretty! I originially spoke to Ken but he had Jared help me. I also asked for the black enamel scarf ring that I was looking for on Monday but all Ken could find was the orange. I found out that SF had 3 black enamel scarf rings from calling Jared found one hidden away somewhere and I had them sent to me.

    I think this is it for Twillys - for now! I tried the black enamel scarf ring with my Les Triples pocket square and love it!

  2. [​IMG]


  3. Gorgeous! I had the chance to see the Brides De Gala scarf. I didn't know there was a matching twilly. Congratulations on your great purchase!
  4. I love the fact that the enamel scarf ring is black on one side and silver on the other :love:


  5. what a beautiful twilly :heart: May I ask what other colors does it come in?
  6. That's so pretty!
  7. I didn't see any other colors in the Brides de Gala. They also had some bolducs. I just remembered something - Ken showed me the new twillys they came out with - golf balls! They had 1 twilly with golf balls on a hunter green background 1 in black.
  8. OMG, I love love love this Twilly. I am in love with the colors. This is so beautiful. Is this a new Twilly, or an old season?? I would love to have one. Congratulations.
  9. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations!
  10. dianagrace: I'm not sure what season this is from. I figured if I didn't get it this time, I'd never see it again! :lol:
  11. Your twilly is beautiful and it's great that the scarf ring is 2-sided, makes it more versatile.
  12. wow i've never seen that style twilly before, it's so pretty! congrats!!
  13. I am loving that twilly!! I'm running out the door right now to check them out!!!
  14. Gorgeous!!!! :yahoo:
  15. has it in an orange and black colorway