The Keyshia Cole Show on BET

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  1. Does anyone watch this show??? I love Keyshia Cole, she is so REAL. The reason why I am posting this thread is because Keyshia LOVES LV. She has a different LV on each episode. She also sports LV sunglasses.
  2. I watched it for the first time last week and enjoy seeing Keyshia with her Azur 30.
  3. yes! Ive seen a denim bag, azur speedy and a vernis summit drive bag! She has so many badeaus also. I think I saw LV earrings the other day too!
  4. I love Keyshia Cole!

    Love her music, and her in general. You guys are right, she is real, and seems so down to earth.
  5. she is def real !! love her.
  6. I've seen every episode too. I love her. She always has LV stuff. I loved when she was wearing the pomme bag (forgot which style) and she was wearing a pomme vernis belt and she had on the pomme Love flip cute:graucho:
  7. I haven't seen this show, but it sounds like a must see! Thanks for the heads up!
  8. I posted in the Television forum about Keyshia. I love her voice and style!
  9. any screen shots?
  10. I'm going out on a limb, I know.....but she looked absolutely ridiculous in those glasses. Thumbs up to everything else, though.
  11. I love Keyshia....her voice just really touches you. And I really admire the way she's become such a success after everything she's been through and still helps those around her. And yeah...all that LV eye-candy over these two seasons is a great bonus!!! I love seeing all the stuff she has and how she puts it together.
  12. i was flipping through the channels and one night as im flipping i see her denim bag and decided to watch the whole episode just to see what else pops up... but i love her, cant stand commercials though. i'd rather watch online. lol

    screenshots would be amazing in this thread, someone please post!