The JOYS of the Butterflys

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too small or perfect

  1. Look too small send them back

  2. Perfect fit

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  1. The long awaited butterflys have found me..not my true size which is normally 35.5 but in 35. I :heart: them so much..I don't do peep toes as my middle toe is longer then the rest :weird:
    However this was the one style that i really, really loved... I kicked myself when i didn't buy them when they 1st came out..but i was so determined to have these after much drama..and patience.. here they are! :yahoo: these look too small or are they perfect?

    i can't find size 35.5 and get the feeling if i did ever come across them...the ankle bit would be too big :girlsigh:

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  2. Woww!!!! Love these!!!
    Look amazing on you, not small at all, perfect fit!!!

    KEEP THEM!!!!!!
  3. They look amazing on you! I know you have been looking for these for a long time, so a big Congrats on finally finding them!!
  4. They are beautiful and you wear them well! I´d say they are a perfect fit! Congrats! :smile:
  5. I would keep them!!! They look great on you!! And no one will look close enough or notice your toes! All eyes will be on the shoes ;)
  6. They look fantastic on you OP! Keep them!!!
  7. No one's gonna be looking that close to your toes. KEEP KEEP KEEP!!!

  8. They are beautiful shoes that's for sure :heart:
    But if you want them to be perfectly fitted perhaps you need your TTS so your big toe does not go over the edge of the shoe? Just a thought :flowers:
  9. i have this toe problem, and i especially have it in my studded VPs. it's a conundrum because go up in size and too big, go down and the second toe sticks out :/ i went for fit over the mild toe overhang and honestly i never really notice.

    so keep! they are lovely!
  10. A, congrats on getting your beautiful butterflies. They are gorgeous! I'll be honest, they do look a teeeeeeny bit small but you know, like some others have said, noone is going to be looking at your toes. Perhaps 0.5 bigger will be too big? Keep these ones.
  11. I bet they stretch a little as time goes on, therefore, I think you keep them!

    Congratulations! They are real lookers!
  12. I think they look perfect on you and that you should definitely keep them. I agree 35.5 would be too big around your ankles. I know how much you have wanted them, so big congrats!
  13. They look amazing on you! Keep!
  14. :blush: Thank you all so much:hugs: for the wise words..i'm thrilled with them...I can't believe there mine :cloud9: ..i just need reassurance they work..being ocd for perfectionism..:shame:
  15. They look amazing.. keep them !
    n don't worry the will stretch a bit by time !