The Jimmy Choo Hall of Shame - post your fakes here!

  1. I reported it, too. Looks like eBay is siding with the seller on this one. I rarely report anymore as it is such a waste of time...
  2. It will come down tomorrow. The weekends seem to be difficult to get things taken down. I would be very surprised if it is not down tomorrow.
  3. Done!
  4. Fake purple Saba is gone!!!:happydance:
  5. Please do not post bags that are authentic, or ones you are not sure of. These types of posts will be removed. That can do a lot of damage to sellers, please be careful.

    Anything in doubt must go through the authenticate this thread. That is the place to discuss it. Then if it is strongly felt to be a fake, it should be posted here.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
  6. Reported but probably won't come down till Monday as they have a small staff on the weekends I believe.