The Jimmy Choo Hall of Shame - post your fakes here!

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    This thread is a place to post FAKE Jimmy Choo bags and shoes. Please follow the following rules: You CAN post links to fake auctions and post pictures of fake bags. Please describe vaguely the reasons the bags are fake. For example..never made in that color, or logo wrong. You CAN NOT mention specific eBay sellers, or names of websites that make/sell fakes. We do not want to give these people any advertising opportunities, even unintentionally. Mods, please make this a sticky.

    FYI - this is NOT a thread for requesting authentication. You will find an Authenticate this Jimmy Choo thread in the same section as this one.
  2. I'll stick it for you!:biggrin:

    Are we sure we want to "describe" what makes it fake? I hate to give counterfeiters pointers, KWIM?
  3. Yes, I understand what you mean, Swanky - I think the descriptions should be to the effect of "logo is wrong," "never made in that color," or "wrong zipper." That type of description should be vague enough to help the buyer and not help the fake seller improve their fakes in specific ways.
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