The Jills At Bal Harbour Chanel Store....

  1. So we have a thread in GEN DISCUSSION with PICS.We met up with Claudia there and had a BLAST!!!!!!!

    Jill has found the HOLY GRAIL of all CHANEL

    A LEATHER JACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMFG!:nuts:
    They didnt have my size..I needed a smaller they r getting it sent in to me to try on!
    Its almost 5000 ...UGH..But Im IN LOVE!!!I didnt get a pic of it.But Ill take one when they get the smaller size sent!!!!
    U guys will DIE WHEN U SEE IT!Ask Jillybean!!
    Im also getting yet another sharpei bag....THE N/S version in black....HEEHEE!
    I saw a NEW BAG!!!!they said it JUST CAME IN!
    Its a black smooth leather tote with CC's on the front.THE CC's have little silver chains all oveer..VERY FUNKY! AND COOL!BUT It was over 3400!!!GASP!:love:
  2. is good to be Jill!!! :graucho:

    Can't wait to see pictures....enjoy your new goodies!
  3. I'm curious to see what this leather jacket lookslike, I'm sure it's divine!

    I think I know what bag you are talking about, with the CC with little chains hanging from it, that's such a cool looking bag!
  4. Oh the jacket sounds hot, another sharpie , your sick!
  5. Jill- Is that the couch at the Delano you're sitting on in your avatar? I stayed there last time I was in SB (love the hotel). I loved the cabanna boys. Do they still come around and mist you down with Evian by the pool?
  6. Wow $ sounds like an awesome jacket!! Can't wait to see pics of all those goodies!:p Congrats girls!
  7. Woo...can't wait for the pics.
  8. LOL....Yes..Thats the couch at the DELANO in my Avatar!Jillybean and I had a blast there!!!we just got back and are exhausted..heehee!!!lots of fun!
  9. I should have married better. Damn. So happy for you! The pics were great!
  10. Off to search for the pictures... :yes:
  11. ohhhh SOUTH BEACH-
    did you goto Wet Willies..
    I Love love love love Bal Harbour Mall-the best mall ever
  12. Jill,
    Congrats can't wait to see pics.:smile:
  13. What a fun trip! Can't wait to see pics of the jacket :tup:
  14. A Chanel leather jacket?! Must be gorgeous! Definitely can't wait to see pics.
  15. OH MY GOSH! I can't wait to see this!!