The JADE thread!

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  1. Jade and Pearl's just go together.

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  2. Hi all, I've been a long time stalker and admirer of this thread :smile: my parents just returned back from Yunnan in China and bought this bracelet for me. It is yellow dragon jade - has anyone heard of it? I've been trying to find about more about it and the best I can get is from Baidu encyclopedia:

    It would be great to hear if anyone know anything about this type of jade!

    Here's a photo of my bangle in any case. It is a lovely yellow colour with black tendrils like ferns in water. My mother got one as well but unfortunately she cracked it pretty soon after wearing it, which makes me think it's not as durable as jadeite since she's never had any issues with her other bangles.

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  3. It's so pretty! I love the pattern in it. Your parents are so sweet to have gotten it for you.

    I think yellow dragon jade & huanglong jade are the same, either yellow chalcedony or dendritic or banded agate (depending on internal patterns). It has a similar hardness to jadeite & nephrite, so shouldn't scratch too easily. The structure of it is microcrystalline like jadeite- but isn't noted for toughness in the same way as nephrite, although it has a more fine appearance than jadeite- structure a lot of the time.

    When you aren't wearing it regularly, oiling it regularly helps it stay looking good and supposedly prevents cracking. Since it is mined from the Earth, take similar care to not knock it on things as you would with other jades. We never know what our end product jewelry stones have been through in their exceptionally long lives, so wear it with care.
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  4. Thanks for the details! Super helpful :smile: I'm probably only going to be wearing this for special occasions as I'm more of a fan of metals and hard-wearing gemstones for daily wear. My bangle came with a little vial of oil so I might give it a little bit of TLC tomorrow :smile:

    Also, you're right as yellow dragon is indeed Huang Long as the direct English translation. There just doesn't seem to be much English information on it, though when I Google 黄龙玉 more stuff pops up. Thank goodness for Google Translate!
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  5. Found this rectangular bangle and mystic knot at Li-Hong Jade in Singapore. The bangle is so comfortable, even more so than my oval lavender which I wear on my left hand. I never realised a rectangular bangle could be so comfortable!

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  6. Hi everyone, I am extremely new to jade, so please excuse my ignorance! (If anyone has any good resources about buying jade for the beginner and what to look for, please let me know!) I am looking to buy a jade bangle and I saw a couple of second bangles. How much would you pay for this and what do you think about the quality? Thank you!

    Details below:
    • Total Item Weight: 41.3 g
    • Gemstone: Jadeite
    • Stone Shape: Carved
    • Saturation: Slightly Grayish
    • Type/Clarity: Slightly Included
    • Transparency: Translucent

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  7. And what do you think in comparison to this one? Is the first one 'better quality' because it has less inclusions? Thanks for your help, I really have very little idea!

    • Total Item Weight (g): 37.5
    • Gemstone: Dyed Jadeite
    • Stone Dimensions (mm): Ave. Diameter 65.90
    • Saturation: Slightly Brownish
    • Type/Clarity: Heavily Included
    • Transparency: Translucent

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  8. this second bangle is a no-go as it is dyed which would make it a Type C jadeite. You have to ask the seller if the first one is Type A Jadeite which has no treatments - Type A means it’s natural and will not suffer from brittleness, and accelerated damage from everyday wear. Also, 2 photos is way too little - you should ask the seller to give you more photos in daylight and ask them if there are any cracks, any stone lines and if they will provide a certificate stating the bangle is Type A as well.

    There is also a Reputable Jade Sellers thread so you can also go there to see which are the good and bad sellers
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  9. If this not jade, please tell me what it is...thank you in advance.

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  10. if I might add, do you know your size? I had this chart to guide me when I started out. It’s from AAA Jadeshop on Etsy. Since I wanted to have bangles which are slightly bigger so that I can change them regularly, I have generally opted for round bangles which are 1-2mm bigger

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  11. Greetings Jadies!
    I have a question for you. Do you know if oil helps improve nephrite?

    I have been wearing Hetian jade lately and oiling my bangles daily like I do with jadeite. Does anyone know if that helps improve the texture or clarity of nephrite or does oil only help fill between crystals of jadeite and the nephrite structure is unaffected? I know it is not the traditional thing but I quite like the look of translucent nephrite. And if not help with translucency have you noticed if it helps make it feel more smooth and buttery or less dry? Thank you! IMG_20191013_162246.jpg
  12. Wearing jadeite and Qinghai nephrite today.
    I had not realized how well these two jade pieces match. Dusty lavender or silver-gray.
    Sorry about all the pictures. I could not stop myself :O
    IMG_20191022_133835.jpg IMG_20191022_084329.jpg IMG_20191022_134439.jpg IMG_20191022_134532.jpg IMG_20191022_134547.jpg
  13. Alternating between icy white and black princess round jadeite bangles , because monochrome is easy to go with everything I wear .

    I found the jadeite Cupid angel I bought awhile ago . Thought it was lost or my dog ate it . But it was at some misplaced corner in my bag . It looks big in the picture but it’s actually really tiny . Like 2 cm . 68818152-A319-47C3-BF24-1BC23ABA7D08.jpeg D9125B31-F03D-4DD8-8BB9-0DB542E33DA3.jpeg 67CA01AA-38D3-4CB6-8964-46792FEFC78A.jpeg
  14. I decided to spoil this bracelet heaven with few of my pendants. I am not into orthodox shapes, hope it won't be offensive )

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  15. Hello Jademan! Haha, no need to feel like you are spoiling anything by talking about jade here!

    I love Pavel's classic jades and his polishing is impressive. Are these beauties yours now? if so, I am glad to hear someone on this thread got the gorgeous black nephrite pendant above. The black nephrite below is completely black, no green color coming through even under very strong light. I wonder if that piece is from the same stock. I find these pieces very versatile as "charms", so I wear one of his jades on my keys.
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