The JADE thread!

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  1. Wow this is so bold and modern!
    I’m glad it arrived. It’s is nerve wracking sometimes ordering overseas.
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  2. Thanks so much to you both :smile: I worry so much shopping overseas now. With all the tariffs and craziness. I guess it’s always buyer beware from any seller, I must admit I’ve gotten some pretty amazing pieces that way. Well I am on a self imposed ban as of today’s purchase LOL :biggrin:
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  3. I finally visited the jadeite shop in a different suburb from where I live in my home country. I’m not familiar with the area so have been working up the courage to go. Glad I did! So many bangles, the most I’ve ever seen! So much choice!! Here’s my oval lavender bangle - first one I’ve bought in person :biggrin:

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  4. Very nice SmokieGragon!! It’s quite purple and looks to be a perfect fit on you. Do you prefer ovals or rounds?
    I’m glad you discovered a new store:smile: I like buying in store but online has more options and less pressure from the shop owners lol!
  5. Wow! Lucky you! Beautiful bangle and pup :smile:
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  6. Saw these and decided to share these cool nephrite shoes. Thank goodness I’m not a huge shoe fan, at least not a fan of heels in my old age :biggrin:

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  7. Smokie, congrats on getting up the courage to go to the shop in person. Beautiful bangle you got out of it. I like the variation in color in it, I think it makes the lavender patches stand out more vibrantly.
    Oh my, these are not anything what I expected to ever see in jade. Are these real life size? Not that I would wear anything like this, lol. Thanks for sharing, CR!
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  8. Oh wow these can’t be comfortable but they look awesome! I’m thinking these are probably meant to be a decoration.
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  9. Haha, you’re quite welcome JD! It always amazes me what people make out of gemstones or cool rocks. I wish I was that talented :smile:

    Hi 2BJM! They are definitely for decoration purposes. I have a friend that is addicted to high heels and she has decorative shoe stuff everywhere. These reminded me of something she would collect, but they are not cheap at all. Maybe If they were converse or dr martins, I’d have to think about it ;) Oooh
    ...maybe some little adidas shellheads LOL :biggrin: JK, But I do wonder how long it took the person to make these.

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  10. I have had more than 50 jadeite and nephrite bangles in my life (still adding at very slow rate for the past 3 years...practice to curb my addiction..whew) but only 6 of them were bought in person. One from a store in Vietnam and well everything in that jade store was double to quadruple the cost of buying online (given the same quality). Still wonder why I walked into that store. The rest were bought from local antique stores whenever I traveled around the States. I always feel pressure when I buy from a store (not just jade) where a sale person is trying to make a sale. The shopping at antique stores was a breeze because nobody was around unless I wanted to get it out of a case.
  11. OMG! Too cute!
    If only I had an extra $1100.00 kicking around.
  12. This is like Cinderella and the Glass Slipper, the Nephrite Edition haha! It's truly mesmerising and is amazing craftmanship! Thanks so much for sharing
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  13. Thanks so much! This is my first experience with ovals because I never dared to buy them online before as most listings will say that in terms of sizing, the bigger dimension of the oval is 2mm bigger than the round bangle equivalent. The biggest oval that I've ever encountered online before was on Mats Alice at 58mm, so I immediately thought at 56mm, won't work for me haha! Having said that, measurements aside, I think ovals have less chance of banging around so far and they feel more like a natural part of my arm.

    I know what you mean about pressure and I tried to just not think about that especially after the store owner told me he's based there cos rent is cheap and there's less pressure on him haha

    Thanks so much! That's my 5-year old Shih Tzu, Benji! He's forever a pup haha :biggrin:

    Thanks so much and I think you are spot on about the colour variation making the lavender stand out! :biggrin: That's what I think too

    Wow! 50! Congrats on having a big collection! That's interesting that you have bought only 6 in person. I'm glad that buying jade online is the norm now. There is more choice but there is something about stepping into a shop that is just captivating too. Though I do like how i can go back and forth deciding on something when it's online, and asking more questions, taking time to think about it, before finally deciding :biggrin:
  14. Ladies, this has fascinated me for a few weeks now. I always think of bangles in terms of mm but there is this alternative unit which is 1.x which I first encountered when I tried on a Grade B lavender bangle in my home country and shortly after that, in the All About Jade website. I've compiled a table of some sizes around my size in mm in this 1.x unit and am wondering what this 1.x unit is as I can't seem to find out more about what unit it is. Does anyone know? Anyway, here's my table

    Bangle size table
    In mm = 1.x
    55 = 1.48
    56 = 1.5
    57 = 1.53
    58 = 1.55
    59 = 1.58
    60 = 1.6
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  15. This is very interesting, I’ve seen this sizing and had no idea what it meant. Thanks for sharing this. Now I know what I’m looking at, especially with AAJ. I have seen some beauties there that I didn’t even take a chance on not knowing what those numbers meant. I guess that was a good thing for my DH :smile:
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