The item that never arrived

  1. It's not even an expensive item, it's less than $35, but this is the first time I've been burned on eBay and it sucks!

    The seller gave me a USPS confirmation number saying it was mailed in early December. The USPS site says "this item left our warehouse on Dec 4. no other information is available." I had to harrass the seller to file a claim with USPS and he never responded saying that he had done so. So I filed a Paypal claim and he responds by sending me the same damn confirmation number! Big help! Those of you who have been through this, what is Paypal going to do? Whose fault is it that USPS never delivered? I don't remember if I paid by credit card; I think it was out of money that was already in my Paypal account.

    All for a stupid pink Starbucks thermos!
  2. Hi Palmtreegal. Have you filed a claim or a dispute? The main difference is that Paypal just 'monitor' a dispute, whereas they get actively involved in a claim. If you haven't already, move your dispute up to a claim, and paypal will contact your seller directly. If he cannot prove delivery (not just shipping) then paypal should rule in your favour (I think!) as ITEM NOT DELIVERED. Once you have filed a claim, your seller has 10 days to respond to paypal, and they will then decide (or request further information).

    This may well 'jolt' your seller into filing the claim you originally requested.

    Hope this helps, and let us know how you get on.
  3. I just opened a dispute; however, I went back and checked and I did pay by CC so I have that layer of protection. I have been hearing the worst Paypal stories lately, but I think that if I didn't receive the item I will come out on top of this scuffle.
  4. I'm sorry..I had something similar happen once. I bought these shorts that were like the Johnson ones, not very expensive, thankfully..then I get the envelope from the seller..and it was EMPTY. It looked like someone had torn it open and took them out then sealed it back up. I emailed the seller and they got belligerent on me saying that because I didn't purchase insurance, it wasn't her fault. No offer of a refund or replacement shorts or anything.
    That made me SO mad. I filed a postal claim but that went absolutely nowhere.
    I sell items on eBay and if a buyer has a claim that they didn't receive their item, I at least try to work with them until a solution is reached (which I haven't had to do yet, thank goodness). Needless to say, I left her a negative. She never left me any feedback at all.

    Anyway do be sure to keep us posted on what transpires!
  5. Hi there, I am sorry this has happened- it doesn't matter what the value of the item is, it still leaves a bad taste doesn't it? Anyway, I have been through this exact same thing recently - see threads 'lying in feedback' and 'hurrah and thank you' - and have just won my claim and am in process of getting money back, so it is possible. A hassle, but I think worth it to ensure these guys don't get away with their dishonesty.
  6. wooha! hold on there, to be fair, its not actually the sellers fault that USPS have failed to delvier the item. I agree that the seller should have started the claim against USPS, but just becasue he hasn't yet, doesn't mean he is dishonest, totally the opposite as hes already given the tracking info.

    I think the reason you just got back the tracking info from paypal is that they will have asked the seller to suply this to them. the problem here is not wit hteh item being sent, its that the item has failed to arrive. I am not familiar with the USPS system, is there no way that you, as the recipient cannot file the claim? It sees to me the fault is down to USPS & they should be the ones who recompense you, no matter if that is via the seller or directly to you.

    Personally, I don't think the seller has handled it particularly well, but I still don't see it as his fault. If I were him, I would have started the calim against USPS & kept you informed with its progress & outcome.

    Good luck wit hit.
  7. :shame: Sorry, completely missed this important bit of the story - reading in too much haste leading to unwarranted judgement. Thanks for putting me right.
  8. ITA! :yes:

    Many people blame sellers for things not turning up. Some buyers opt for the cheapest postage and expect items within a week. Or they choose not buy insurance, and blame sellers for the item not turning up. Really not fair. As long as the seller can prove that he/she sent the item, i.e a postal receipt with the buyer's address on it, that should be enough. Some people are really abusing their Paypal privileges. They choose not to buy insurance or they choose a non trackable shipping method to save themselves money, and then file a claim with paypal when the item doesn't turn up!

    PalmTreeGal, I'm not saying that's what you're doing. Your seller could have handled your concern a lot better! And if I was him I would have filed a complaint with USPS because it's obvious that you are concerned. I hope it works out for you.
  9. I am a seller on eBay and also a buyer. If anything didn't arrive for one of my customers (especially a low value one) I would probably refund after claiming with USPS first. I think nowadays that Postal insurance is as much for the seller as the buyer - as the transaction isn't finished until the item arrives at the buyer's house and they are happy with their goods. I think the days of Ebay being an online yard sale are gone - people expect the same level of service as online stores (although usually without paying the same prices!)

    I did get some advice from this on the answer center on Ebay (which is a great resource, all answers by ebay users, not ebay themselves) - and basically they advised that any transaction that is done through paypal cannot be 'final' and you cannot specify 'no returns' because Paypal can often demand this if a claim is filed. I'm not saying this is always a good thing - it is just how it is, and we have to work within these parameters.

    As a buyer, you have the right to file a claim if your item does not arrive. Regardless of whose fault it is, (and it seems to be USPS's), you have paid money for something you have not received, and you should not be out of pocket for this.

    Hopefully, like most transactions, this will sort itself out. The item will either be delivered (late) or returned to sender & you will end up with either your mug or the money. Good Luck!
  10. I agree that the seller isn't necessarily dishonest, he's just lazy. Doesn't seem to care that he does bear some responsibility in this. Also, he sent the item parcel post and I'm not sure you can get delivery confirmation on parcel post. This makes me wonder whether the tracking number is truly mine.

    USPS requires that the sender file the claim.
  11. Don't be cheap & skip the insurance when paying for postage, the few extra dollars is worth the peace of mind.
    Also sender or recipient can file the claim with USPS.
  12. Oops, maybe I'm misinformed about USPS.
  13. If he used paypal to buy the USPS parcel post label, they automatically require you to pay the extra 14 cents for online delivery confirmation - it is part of their requirements for their Seller Protection service. (You have to have online tracking, send to a confirmed address etc), so it is definitely possible that the number is for your parcel. If he did so, paypal will know the destination address - it will be on their files - and therefore will know if it was truly sent to you or not!
  14. Update: I went to the PO to pick up a package and the employee "found" this package in the back room as well. I think it's been there for months! So I got the item, closed the claim and all is well. Haven't left feedback because I'd like to leave a neutral for his sh!tty attitude but I don't want one in return.
  15. Glad it turned up Palmtreegal. Don't bother leaving him feedback. He might neg you for leaving him neutral. Not worth the hassle since you got your item.