The Irina Lazareanu Hair

  1. I LOVE her haircut, but is it for everyone? Would it make a person with a rounder face look even rounder? :confused1: I feel like it'd only look good on someone who has a tiny, long, thin face like hers.

  2. I think bangs are pretty flattering on most face shapes.
  3. I think most everyone would be able to wear this style, and longer bangs are in.
  4. I really like her hiar...I think it would look good on most face shapes. I think I;ll get my hair cut like hers next time!
  5. I don't like the way you almost cannot see her eyes. One of my friends got this haircut a while ago and she didn't look really good.
  6. I like that hairdo on her. However I agree that it's not for everyone. I tried it once and it made me look awkward and more 'rounder'. Luckily my hair grows back fast, now I just have a side sweep which suits me better
  7. I love the look *-* i agree that it might be for everyone,i'm going to give it a try next time i cut my hair.