The insanity of losing something

  1. How many of you have lost or misplaced an LV item before? How does it feel?

    I was just curious because I just spent a good 20 minutes in a panic looking for my amarante inclusion ring and I thought I was going to have a heart attack! Thankfully I finally located it in a bag of accessory boxes but I was in a full panic state! I didn't realize how much the ring meant to me until I couldn't find it. :wtf:
  2. i too go into panics if I can't find a beloved item. I especially misplace my chanel jewelry- I catch myself without a ring on or missing an earring and I go nuts for 20 minutes hunting it down. I've yet to misplace an LV bag- but I can only imagine the panic!
  3. i lost my figari PM more than a year ago. it was actually stolen from right beside me!!! i put it there coz i didnt want the bag to get dirty from food spots etc... and did i regret that!!

    there was also a mini-pochette, small agenda, mono wallet and jewelry with it! so i went from :shocked: to :cursing: and finally :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:. the items were never recovered. the security and police were of no help and there was nothing else i can do about that.

    so how does it feel like?? hhmm..... it's been more than a year and i still feel like :cursing: .

    i finally learned NEVER, EVER to put my bags down anywhere except on my lap.
  4. :cursing:
    Sorry to hear that, I would feel :cursing: too!
  5. I couldn't find my groom wallet and has a major stress fit! Luckily i found it wedged in a bag with coffee beans and cocoa. (I'm running a cafe at my school as my project).
    But i get really stressed because my LV stuff is something i really love.
  6. I'm so glad you found it.
    I have never lost a LV item but I lost a Tiffany Necklace my husband bought me. I found it over a year later in a pocket in my bag...I have no idea how it got there.
    My husbands wedding ring was missing for eight months. We just found it in one of his drawers. He lost a lot of weight and the ring must have slipped off. Found it under a t-shirt he hadn't worn in ages...
    amazing hu.

    I am so glad you found it.