The Inclusion Club!

  1. Here let me start it off with my beige GM inclusion bracelet.:yahoo:
    inclusion1.jpg inclusionwrist1.jpg inclusionwrist2.jpg inclusionwrist3.jpg inclusion2.jpg inclusion3.jpg
  2. that looks so cute on you! :heart:
  3. My Beige Inclusion PM. :love:
    inclusion bracelet.JPG inclusion 2.JPG inclusion 3.JPG
  4. Ooh yea Baby!! :P

    Here are my two keychains. Hopefully my PM beige bracelet will be here any day now.

    I would love a hair clip! Oh and a PM black bracelet.
  5. Here are my Inclusion Speedy Keyrings in beige and black :love::


    I'm hoping to get the white one soon:cutesy:!
  6. Inclusion! I just got outbid on the cell charm. I can't wait for white and pink!


    My beige PM bracelet my DH gave me for Valentines Day. :heart:
  7. Anybody have the rings? I want to see what the rings look like!
  8. here's my pink bangle and ring
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  9. Keyrings, cell charm and my bracelet (yellow PM)..
    I'll be getting the white and berry keyrings to add to this thread also. ;)

  10. [​IMG]

    Can't wait for the new colors! :yahoo:

  11. Elle, everytime I see your pictures I feel like I'm in a jewelry store. :love: I can't wait for the white inclusion to come out. I think I want one!
  12. Haha Bluekit, I feel the same! Everytime I look through my dresser, I'm amazed at everything I've hoarded. This can't be healthy! :wtf:
  13. :nuts:Lucci, I am so jealous! That is gorgeous! I just ordered the inclusion ring in black (that was all that was left on eLux). I see some of you have the ring in black--does anybody have a picture of themselves wearing the ring in black? I can't wait until my ring comes in and I hope I am able to find the bangle later.
  14. my black pm bracelet:


  15. My first Inclusion piece I got today :yahoo:. I'm going to use it as purse charm for my Mono Speedy 25 and Lockit.

    Pics to follow....