The Imperfect Perfect New Bag

  1. Does anyone else stare at their new bag untill they invariably find something wrong with it.? I have done it again. Bought the perfect bag and stared at it with love - till I notice something. When shopping I am on a "handbag high" and I think I am incapable of seeing something like - one missing stitch - which is what is wrong with my newest bag.

    Is there something wrong with me? Who notices crap like this? Who stares at their damn handbag so long? Sometimes I wonder if the universe isn't trying to tell me to quit focusing on a material item to this extent??!!

    The bag was in the low price range for me. It was the only one at the store. I have all my stuff in it. It looks good on my coffee table. I don't want to take it back. I don't want to deal with all that crap. I have made that purse mine. But, all I have seen for the last hour is a missing stitch. Why do I freaking do this to myself?

    I wish I could just be at peace with the imperfect perfect bag.
  2. Lol, I think everyone does this to an extent.

    I used to work in a jewellery store and we'd have women coming back in TEARS because one corner of their stone was a micro-fraction higher than the other.
    Once we measured the difference for her and it was 0.5mm. They were handmade rings too so 0.5mm is nothing. And yet, she couldn't get over it.

    I say if you're happy with something stop looking too hard for problems. I'm sure it's a beautiful bag! Just enjoy it! :biggrin:
  3. Yes I do that too. Annoying!
  4. i search for things to ponder about too and the latest obsession is with lines that appear on leather bags. i keep thinking if its normal that a new bag is supposed to come with so many lines at the fold?
    and then i told myself that its bound to be like that after sometime of using it and then, i told myself that it should have lesser lines until i REALLY start using it.
    but i do think that a stitch missing seems to be quite something for you to think about if you are like me..
    but if you have decided not to go back and get them to try and locate another one or if its the last one oredi, well.... its just a teeny, weeny stitch, try to look past that!
  5. wow. feels better to know I am not alone. I never look at the bag TRYING to find something wrong. I look at the bag because I love it and can't keep my eyes off it. I think if you look at something long enough (a bag, a ring, a man) you will see some imperfection. I don't know if focusing on the imperfection (after I see it) is the issue or the fact I have spent so much of my evening swooning over my new bag.

    I can't even finish this post because I keep looking over with love at my bag. :love: I enjoy my passion for handbags. I guess if Imperfection OCD comes with that .... so be it!
  6. Yes! After bringing my first Chanel home, I inspected it like crazy! I took the bag in and out of the box countless times!
  7. luckily i'm not LOL
    i am a type of person that more focused on the joy of having and carrying or wearing that bag.
  8. If you're a perfectionist in other aspects of your life then it's no surprise that that would carry over to your eye for handbags, that's how I am. I drive salespeople nuts because I'm poring over every square centimeter of a bag in the store, and as soon as I see something I don't like I ask if they have another one in the back, etc.

    I say, swoon all you want - that's why we enjoy bags! (Yes, they're functional too, but come on....if you have an addiction to the extent that we do, it's more than just a vessel to carry our everyday things.)
  9. Yes....I almost always find something to worry about. Is it too big proportion-wise? Is it too heavy? Is it too busy? Is it easy enough to get in and out of? Does the color go with my wardrobe? And the big one: Will I see someting I like better next week or next month? I keep saying if I'd just stay off the forum and out of stores for a while maybe I could enjoy a bag instead of second guessing myself.
  10. I wish I could say no, but the truth is that I do this! It always makes me feel so obsessive.
  11. I think I kind of understand what you mean, but in a different way. It usually happens with my most expensive bags. I'm so afraid to use them because I'm afraid I might mess them up. I go over them with a microscopic eye when I first get them to make sure they don't need to be returned. And then they just sit in my closet for a WHILE. But if I find a small flaw (not major like loose threads and stuff) then I kind of feel a sigh of relief with that first "flaw". Cause I don't have to worry about messing bag up and then I feel better about carrying it. Or with a "flawless" bag….once I put that first mark on it (whether it be an actually mark or just taking it out for the first time) then I calm down. I think all of us handbag enthusiasts have some kind of idiosyncrasy….some ritual of bringing a new bag into the fold. It may not be normal to the masses, but I'd say it's normal for a TPF'er!
  12. Yes I do the same.My 'new ' Mulberry bayswater has one stitch missing (bought from outlet at large discount so can live with a missing stitch) My xmas present last year was a Mulberry annie bag and I fell in love with it until I noticed a smudged bit of sealant around one of the pockets then everytime I looked at the blasted bag that flaw was all i could see. I sent my DH back to the shop the week after xmas to exchange it . He thought I was nuts and was none too pleased with me!
    So you are definately not alone. I think if you stare at any bag long enough you'll find some incy wincy flaw - it's just coming to terms with it that can be hard!