The Ideal Balenciaga..or the closest thing to it

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  1. Hi all. I'm new to balenciaga so sorry in advance for my 'i can't belive you don't know that' questions.

    I am looking for a balenciaga that is
    1) big enough for day trips (medium city perhaps)
    2) not structured/boxy (i know the city seems boxy but perhaps when you put stuff in it it becomes less structured) (i like the purse style)
    3) the smooshy non structured leather that isn't veiny
    4) has that extended strap for those days that I don't have extra hands and I don't want too small handles that keep slowly sliding down)

    is there a large city? does the purse come with straps? hmmm i am confused please help!!!

    Thanks so much!!
  2. check out this website, its the most helpful site online...
    atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference

    The purse is being discontinued but you can still find it at some places, like aloha rag. But the purse does not have a shoulder strap, you can put it over your shoulder though.

    The city is what i would say is the most common bag. Its big enough, but not too big.

    As for an unstructured bag i would look at the day.

    I'm fairly new to bbags as well, and somehow have gotten two in the past three weeks. So be careful. they are addicting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I agree! I think you are looking for the day bag!
  4. Thanks mocean I will definately consider the day bag. I have a lot to learn! And Msflutter thank you so much for that site. Really it is the balenciaga dictionary. Who would have thought they make a shoe bag too.

    Oh and is that smooshy leather from 2004 still available? I prefer non shiny non veiny bags but all the ones I am seeing are shiny and veiny. I would go to ebay but i am new and probably wouldn't know if someone ripped me off.

    Thanks again!!
  5. I say the Part Time, it's like a city but wider and has a longer shoulder strap that you can wear messenger style if you're carrying a lot of stuff. It's my favorite, having used both the Part Time and City.
  6. I was going to say the Part Time as well ... it's currently best marriage of the features that you mention. The downside to it is that it is very "east-west" oriented and slightly shallower than the city.

    I just wish they would add a shoulder strap to the Work - I think that would be my ideal Bbag.
  7. Ebay and consignment shops are really the only place to get the old leather. You CAN find great, authentic bags on ebay, just POST HERE for authentication!! :yes:

    Good luck!
  8. ;)
    Hi and welcome to the world of Balenciaga! Isn't naffs site a dream for anyone wanting to know everything about Bal-bags!!! As for your question on 04 leather, no it is not available new at stores. But it is possible to find some really great bags on ebay. I have 4 05's (which IMO is the softest prettiest leather), and I only started buying Bal in August. They are all mint bags, and 2 of them brand new and never used when I bought them. If you are worried about not knowing enough yet to buy secondhand, just come here with any questions yoy have about a bag you are considering, and there are plenty of wonderful experts who will guide you. I would not have the 4 beautiful bags I have now, if not for the help of many sweet pf-ers!
  9. Look at the Twiggy, too. It's very non-structured, and I just got a 06 one with thick, unveiny leather. And it has both handles and a strap, and holds a lot more than I normally carry (but I'm a bit of a minimalist compared to most -- I don't carry make up, for example).

    Twiggy has a really nice casual day look to it. Just check it out. In general, though, I'm amazed at how much stuff Balenciaga bags can hold -- it's like they're magic or something!