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  1. She looks cute!!!
  2. I only thought that because I am an operating room nurse(in orthopedics) and from what I have read about her injuries, not sure how she can have no signs of surgery(scars, incision sites)....
  3. Clémence Poésy
  4. For some reason this girl bugs the droppings out of me! tiiiired of seeing her all together! that outfit looks ridic I clearly am not having one of those 'if you have nothing nice to say it don't say anything at all' days :lol:

    Jessie J & Angie Simmons look too cute love AS over sized clutch/suitcase
  5. Rachel Zoe credit: dailymail
  6. Meryl Streep credit: justjared
  7. Emmy Rossum
  8. So pretty!
  9. beautiful dress
  10. Agreed! The whole look is on point.
  11. Jeremy Renner credit: justjared
    rachel-weisz-jeremy-renner-bourne-premiere-12.jpg jeremy-renner-bourne-legacy-sydney-premiere-01.jpg
  12. I hate this man so much, but I am so in love with him!!!! Makes no sense at all! :blush:
  13. So happy to see the Queen on this thread!!! :cloud9:
  14. I love her! (and I'm also in love with those CLs. They are the ones that I need to sell because they are too big on my feet now after I lost 15 lbs :pout:)
  15. Rachel Weisz
    141403350.jpg 141405457.jpg
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Not open for further replies.