The Hunt for Her Bag.

  1. so my bestest gal friend is coming over today and we're going to check out some bags online. she's a TOTAL backpack user (not AWFUL tacky backpacks, but her last bag is a sweet little leather LLBean backpack that's just beat to crap now... straps snappped and all!) i am on the hunt for a bag she'd like that's either a ONE strapped backpack type thingy, or a bag with a comfy longer strap... she's short tho so not like HUGE long... (bag has to be big enough to carry all her crap, whatever she thinks she needs... wallet water keys sometimes a spare sweater (shes little so not a HUGE sweater) etc etc) my last resort is a coach backpack, and those are semi expensive. nothing to expensive, but something that can last through a nice beating or 2. wellmade, but nice leather :yes: oh how picky. this should be fun!!!

    ETA: she prefers black but whatever NEUTRAL color is fine! (brown hues and black preferable)

    when she gets here i'm going to ask her what she thinks of that style. anyone else have suggestions?
  2. you know, stone mountain is a nice company, and their leather IS delish. they sell Stone mountain at TJMaxx, maybe she and i will hit them up today, good ideas keep them coming!

    and passerby that one bag, the stone mountain alpine hobo is nice, but i think her main concern is having a flap, something to secure her belongings in (she's so NOT a girly girl)
  3. ya know what stinks is she really likes my coach leather (the leather quality is what she digs) ... i wish they made a leather sling bag. i'm browsin around those sites you sent me ladies ty!

    anyone else?
  4. I always get compliments on this Moonsus backpack, which now sells for $265 though it has two straps.

    I think there's lots that fit the one-strap criteria by Tano, which can be found at, or, among other places.

    Anibags, from,, and could also fit the bill, e.g., nice leather, hold lots of stuff (the Cameron and Nadia).
  5. I like the style of the Macy's bag, but the PVC imitation leather, makes me :sick: . It should not be that price, it should be way, way lower. There are some excellent leather suggestions, and I will do a search as well. Good Luck!
  6. ^^ Me too on the vinyl. I'll bet VB didn't notice that. Otherwise that looks good, but vinyl would be a deal-breaker for me.