The Helicopter Game

  1. My sister In NC just sent me the helicopter game..LMAO..
  2. Woah, that's weird. :P
  3. It is definitely addiciting. This is what I will be doing for the next 3 hours. Thanks!
  4. I LOVE this game, I used to work nightshift and it would get boring, me and the coworkers used to compete to see who got the highest score, whoever won could go home early.
  5. I suck at this highscore so far is 418. :shame: It's totally fun though!
  6. No problem ;) . I'm still trying to beat my high score, which is anything but high!

    Edit: YES! 1,148! *dances* Now, I'm going to try to beat that!
    Edit #2: 1,222. I'm giving up for now. My finger is going numb :biggrin:
  7. ooh - this is fab - have forwarded it to my work email address - know what I will be doing on Monday!!:graucho:
  8. 1178 :yahoo:
  9. 1368!! Took alot of tries to get that score though.
  10. It's not addicting for me b/c I SUCK, lol!
  11. that's indeed addticting but i'm bad, my high score is 646! :crybaby:
  12. i remember playing this waaaaaaaay back then. lol. good to see that it never goes away.
  13. 1112 3rd try. eh. i'm over it. lol.
  14. Arg, I totally suck at this game! You don't want to know what my high score is.