the HAUL for Saturday!

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  1. i went to freeport today, went to Dooney & Bourke, and Coach. got a hot dooney i CANT FIND A PICTURE FOR (check the handbags and purses section to see my Saturday Haul post to see style) and i got 3 new pieces to add to my beloved coach collection.

    this pic is of a coach keyfob, not exactly the keyfob i bought, but the closest picture i could find. the purses are the same colors, but the shapes are switched (same shapes, just different colors on different shapes)... they also have little silver C's on them, so they all look signature! it's SO HOT!

    and then:
    YES I GOT IT! i wanted SOMETHING cardinal, and i goooottttssss ittttt. cardinal skinny mini coach coin purse! LOVE IT!

    My Lil Finale:
    Last but certainly not least... my lil coach lover. the first ever coach purse i bought looks exactly like this but in Khaki sig and gold leather... mm sexy... this new all black one i've been yearning for EVER SINCE i bought my first one in CALIFORNIA! i live in Maine, and the cali trip was in OCTOBER of '06 so i thought i'd never get it unless it was on eBay... it was on sale and THEN ON CLEARANCE... i pretty much STOLE it from this store for a mere... oh i'm not tellin u how much i paid, you'd killllll mee!

    keep in mind YESTERDAY, i dropped 150 on a DIFFERENT and EQUALLY fabulous Dooney... ouch to my life! but whatever, TPF is evil.

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    kinda close keyfob!.jpg mynewSEXYSKINNYMINI!.jpg MY NEW LOVE!.jpg
  2. Congratulations on all your new purchases! Sounds like you got some good deals!
  3. NICE haul!
  4. congrats!
  5. thank you thank you! i'm so excited! i wish i had a picture of the new dooney cuz i think everyone would love it.
  6. Congrats! :yes:
  7. love them all, congrats!
  8. Congrats on all of your purchases. And I agree, TPF is evil!
  9. Congrats you got some great things.
  10. tpf = evil but fabulous!
  11. congrats, great buys!!
  12. just wait until you start justifying purchases that are 5X (or more) the price of what you just bought!
  13. i'm looking right now at tano and have been eyeballing all kinds of designers i've not looked at before. i'm looking for a classic, timeless, leather bag, preferably in blue. suggestions??
  14. Amazing
  15. I would start a new thread in handbags and purses for this question.