The Gucci RUBBER!!!

  1. Everyone!

    This is news from March...about the GUCCI Rubber which cost 140000 WON. selling in Korea...
    (USD $150) :wtf:

    It's a white GG monogram rubber which comes with a GUCCI leather case!

    This GUCCI rubber and the HERMES pencil...was big news in Korea having a negative response from the (normal non rich rich rich) public..."should a Year 1, Child be given a GUCCI rubber as a school present?" etc...

    What do you people think about this GUCCI rubber...?

    Was just wondering...would you buy it?!
    [​IMG][​IMG]That's the HERMES pencil...-_- it's going to disappear if you keep sharpening it! (USD $90)
  2. Wow... I guess there is a demand for luxury stationery! Though honestly, the case is worth much more than the rubber. Like many designer iPod cases are worth more than the actual iPod. I even saw Gucci selling G shaped ice trays for $90 US! That's a lot to pay for some G-shaped water...
  3. Ok the tittle of this post threw me off.................. anyway um yes thats an expensive eraser.

  4. :lol: I actually have those, I also have a Gucci bottle cover (to keep it cool) for picnics and Prada pencils so would I buy a Gucci Rubber yes I probably would LOL
  5. LOL.. It threw me off too! By the way, I think I saw the Gucci Ice trays on sale at Last Call Neiman Marcus, along with the Gucci playing cards, I couldn't get a look at the price though.
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    ^ Ha me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I have lil frivolous designer items like Gucci and LV playing cards and Chanel stationary but I got them for next to nothing on eBay. There are usually not many other bidders as most only search for handbags, scarves and shoes etc. I'd never pay full price for them though.
  8. LOL :roflmfao: I'm glad I wasn't the only one thrown off by the thread title! Who knows hey, maybe one day they might manufacture those things... :rolleyes:

    I like my designer stuff but in my opinion this is over the top for me. I wouldn't spend my money on stuff like erasers.... unless I could use to erase scars off my body. Then that I would DEFINITELY buy! :nuts:
  9. Gucci rubbers for the gucci-coochie...sounds like the next hip hop single.:nuts:

    ..ugh..sorry just have that ridiculous song stuck in my head:weird:

    ..and no, I would not buy either.:nogood:
  10. ive got to say, im one of those people that would actually buy this!! i LOVE how gucci makes ordinary things glam and FUN! :smile:
  11. So I guess the next big thing will be designer knock off erasers?

    I think its one designer knock off item I wouldn't be ashamed to carry. Its just hilarious!
  12. Ahh well damn, rubber=eraser. Here rubber=condom... The visual I got from the post was funny, little foil packs with the Gucci logo.
  13. ARE YOU SERIOUS! :roflmfao:


    Australia says...Rubber...more than Eraser...!

    lol...GG ribbed condoms!? USD $100 ???


    Sorry for the title! :push: lol
  14. LOL I'd totally buy those too LOL
  15. I thought of that too, It was a very funny image in my head