The green Hogan hobo

  1. So my Hogan came yesterday (in spite of the FedEx drama) and here are pictures of the bag! It's beautiful and smells great!

    New Image.JPG

  2. Just beautiful !!!!!
  3. Very nice.
  4. Wow, I love that shade of GREEN!!! Very nice. Enjoy.

    BTW, how big is the bag?
  5. nice!!! enjoy it!
  6. It's gorgeous! I love it. The color is great.
  7. What a nice shade of green! Enjoy it!
  8. So beautiul!
  9. Oooh...I really like that bag.
  10. That's gorgeous! I am having serious bag envy right now :drool:
  11. Lovely! Don't read too much about Hogan on this forum. There are some really great bags in the line.
  12. Ooooh.. how pretty. :smile:
  13. It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be...I think it's about 14" or so.
  14. ^^^Oooo, that sounds just right to me.

    This bag may need to be on my wishlist. I've never owned a Hogan bag before.
  15. WOW, BEAUTIFUL!! Hogan and Tod's are great quality bags. Enjoy!!