The Goldilocks Syndrome...

  1. Since the nearest BV to me is 1.5 hours away, I went to Nordstrom to finally try on some BV bags. They had Venetas, Balls and Sloanes but no Cocker bags :crybaby:.

    I Loved the Veneta's nice slim profile but I think the Medium is too small for me and the large may be a tad too big. When the SA removed the stuffing it seemed much smaller. Do these kind of sag over time and fold in on themselves as they age? I might still consider this baby. Loved it in Ebano.

    The Ball bag was the perfect size but I didn't care for the divided sections. :sad:

    The Sloane was TDF! Again, I'm guessing that this bag would mellow over time and kind of conform to your body more. A goodsize for me and as a girl who never seems to get around to closing her handbag, the magnetic closure that magically "finds itself" was great. My one little fear is that the bag may be too puffy. If it does relax, it would be fine. Of COURSE, this bag is the most expensive of the ones I tried on.

    Still waiting to try the Cocker. I love the look so much.

    Any thoughts from those who own any of these bags?

    The leather is truly magnificant! :yes: :yes:
  2. BTW, I'm 5'3" and pretty small build. I like big bags but not bags so big that they look like they are carrying me!
  3. Do you want my opinion Greentea???

    OK...I completely agree with you on the Ball. I just didn't care for the divided section because I felt I would rip them or tug at them. It was not a bag for me, but the size is lovely.

    Veneta...the medium is too small and the large is nice, but I am shorter than you and I can see how the bag seems large or maybe too large. The SA told me it will stretch and she specifically told me 1 1/2 inches to be exact on the strap. Which means the whole bag will fall. My concern is how will the bag look with your things in it after it drops? I can't answer that for you because I don't know what you carry. Maybe some members can show pics what their bags look like full and what they carry inside. Maybe they can state how long they have owned the bag and how it has changed. I love that Veneta, but it is totally different when you take the stuffing out and it looks alot different when you place your things inside. is gorgeous. Everything about it is lovely. The problem I had was the shoulder strap. For me, it was not comfy and did not work on my shoulder. I am beginning to think I don't have broad shoulders that can handle such a wide strap and keep it up there comfortably. If it works for you...that bag is a winner. Both SA's did tell me that the bag does mellow in time and takes a relaxed shape. Yes, it is more money, but it really makes a statement next to the Veneta and the Ball. I love the magnetic closure. I may have bought that bag if the strap worked better for me.
  4. ^ That's very helpful, KB! I guess with my daytime bags I don't usually carry too much but like the OPTION of extra room when I need to throw in stuff for my kids.

    I'd love to see some pics of well-used Lg. Venetas on ladies who are 5'5" and shorter.

    The Sloane strap was fine but I'd need to really take more time, stuff it with my things and walk around the store with it more. I also liked the way this bag looked on the crook of my arm.
  5. The Sloane is super gorgeous on the crook of the arm. I wanted it to be more than that, so I stress the shoulder strap. I don't want you to not think about that bag IF it works on your shoulder and you will carry it on your arm as well. I was looking more for a shoulder bag in the BV line.

    ***I would also like to see pics of people with their Venetas full and used for a little bit*** ANYONE OUT THERE??? Can you help?
  6. ^ I really need to compare the Sloane and Cocker. Get me to BV!!!! AH!!!!!!

    Anyway, I liked that the Sloane felt very hip and cool. Very modern. Loved the woven rings.
  7. Totally agree on the Sloane.

    I think you have to ask you want a REALLY buttery leather bag with a pretty handle/stylish pockets. A bag that is squishy and stylish? Then, go with the Cocker.

    If you want a hip classic all woven BV bag...go with the Sloane. I think this bag is a real looker.

    You can't go wrong with either.
  8. sorry i am not much help since my large veneta is brand new, but i will tell you that i am only 5'1" and everybody who has seen me with the bag on is loving this size on me as much as i do! as far as the dropping that will occur in the future, i'm not that concerned since i don't stuff my bags with heavy things...i really, really love the large! but that is my personal preference. goodluck with your choice!
  9. ^ Thank you!
  10. Here's my 2 cents' worth.

    I have both the medium Veneta and Cocker for over 2 months now. I tried on both sizes for the Veneta but decided against the large as I felt it was more casual due to its size. (Generally I like my bags dual purpose, for work and for weekends). I personally believe the large would not be overwhelming on you as the bag is soft. It would slouch and stretch over time but to what extends would depend on how much stuff you have in it.

    The Cocker is a truly unqiue and understated bag. I love the braided handle and the magnatic flaps. It also sits well on the shoulder (even on my bony one). The bag is really roomy and softens even more the longer you use. You do have to try it on as this bag is actually bigger than it appears. It looks boxy when filled with stuffings in the boutique. But when in use, it slouches very much and takes on a nice shape. You really gotta try this bag in person.

    As for the Sloane, it is TDF. It looks great in action, especially the Limo, totally drool worthy! I love the full woven look and the magnatic flaps. I could see how the shoulder strap could be uncomfortable although I did not test it out long enough to notice. But again, this bag seems more casual to me. So, much as I adore it, I'm passing over. Personally, I am not a fan of the Ball or Campana although the latter is highly practical (and good for work and weekends too).
  11. Very helpful! I just need to decide if I want a strictly casual hobo or something the like Cocker which is good for going out, too.
  12. as a sloane owner, I have to say, i get sooo many compliments whenever i use my bag. as for carrying on the shoulder, as long as the bag has stuff in it to weigh it down, you should have no trouble carrying it on your shoulder. I agree with Kellybag..i also love carrying it on the crook of my arm...
  13. Not much input, cos I've only got the Large Veneta, which is the BV bag for me. Also, I've only just got it, so it hasn't really broken in yet :p

    I've also tried the Sloane, which as pretty as it was, just wasn't right for me. Like KellyBag, it didn't work for me at the shoulder, which is an immediate no-go cos I need the option of being able to carry my bag at the shoulder.

    Never tried on the Cocker, cos as much as I adore the braided handle, the style is just not for me.

    I think you should def try Cocker so that you'll know which is the best style for you before commiting. G'Luck!!
  14. ^ Thanks, Nymph. I'm not sure the extra $$ for the Sloane is worth it even though it was gorgeous.

    I can't wait to get a chance to go to BV and try the Cocker now.
  15. Late to the party as I only found the Sloane IRL yesterday, but I'm with you contemplating its beauty vs price and practicality factor. I love the side profile when wearing the Sloane, but I prefer the Veneta's profile from the front - nice and sleek. And you can't beat the Veneta's comfort factor on the shoulder either - huge difference. I don't have an opportunity to try a Cocker either so I'm debating between Veneta & Sloane (or both :devil:smile:. It's a lot of money so I totally understand where you're coming from - it needs to be juuuuuust right! I'll be curious what you decide! :yes: