1. I thought I'd start a thread for all of us black ggh addicted:graucho:!!! I'm crazy about this combo and i know many of you love it...

    Here's a few of mine....08 black flat ggh,09 money,07 cp, 07 work[​IMG]
  2. Great thread idea! Now we can look at all these beauties in one place...here is my 07 Black PT GGH!
    07 GGH.jpg
  3. yayyy:yahoo: BPURSE YOUR PT IS GORGeoUS:graucho: so smooshy and jet:love::heart:[​IMG]
  4. 08 Black GGH Midday!!

  5. Thanks chloeglamour but it doesn't come close to that new gorgeous work you got! What a terrific score!
  6. your part time is simply stunning!! the leather looks so chewy(btw i would have preferred a 07 pt..but it was sold out:p)

    congrats chichi143!!
  7. She is a beauty..but if they had a 07 BLK GGH Work at the time I would of gotten it in a heart beat, especially if the leather looked like yours!
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    My beloved PT that I have unfortunatley outgrown just like my size 29 jeans!
    Chloe, Bpurse and chichi...we have good taste!
  9. Beautiful bags everyone!

    sl57 - yes, we do have good taste! ;)
  10. Your so funny! Yes we all do have great taste, I too have outgrown my PT, and now am considering the work with GGH. What bag are you yearning for? BTW the leather on your PT is so smooth and thick!
  11. you have started a great club, *F*!! mine one is from 08, i wish i can own a 07 as well!
    the bags are all stunningggggg, this combo is perfect!

    please let me share my 08 GGH PT!

    in different lighting, can show how chewy the leather has became!
  12. Here are new pics of my 07 black ggh day. I loooove this bag so much. she is wonderfully broken in now and i take her everywhere.

    F- Love all your black ggh goodies!!! They are are tdf!! :biggrin:


    blackgghday.jpg blackgghday2.jpg
  13. Thanks Bpurse...I am this close to getting a blk work with GGH.
    I have a blk wk with silver but it's not doing it for me.
    Works are my favorite, and my PT is 08.
  14. sl57-after seeing all these new black work ggh's I am seriously thinking of getting one. I would like an 09 with jet black thick leather.... if I can find exactly what I want. What year are you considering?
  15. I am considering a blk wk F/W 09!