The Gap (Red) Mulberry Bag

  1. Has anyone heard anything about this bag. Its in US Magazine this week on page 87. Its a Mulberry bag made for Gap and the proceeds help fight AIDS in Africa. Its only $175 and it looks really cute. And plus its for a good cause. Anyone have one, or seen them anywhere??
  2. One story about it.

    It says it's in a sweat-shirt jersey??

    I don't know......I'll stop in tomorrow and have a look.

    Oh, it also says it's only available at one store, the flagship in NYC.
  3. Looks like they only have it in their NY store....

    There are a few at hugely inflated prices on eBay... it kind of destroys the point since the profits the eBay sellers are making are not going towards the foundation... :hysteric:
  4. The eBay prices are SO FREAKING RIDIC!

    I would kill for the grey one, but I'd never give Ebay sellers the $$$$$$$.

  5. Bummer it's only at the NYC flagship. I'd get one in a minute!
  6. Im having dinner in the city on Sunday for belated Vday, so Ill have to check it out!
  7. I can't imagine paying $175 for the Gap sweatshirt version since I passed up the chance to own a real new Roxanne in oak for $250 (2006 end of year sale at Barneys). :rolleyes: Yeah, I'm still kicking myself over that one.
  8. I'm glad someone told me it was in jersey. I thought they were leather and couldn't figure out why so cheap. Now I'm not going to go out of my way to get one.
  9. I wonder if they would do a charge send. I bet its cute.
  10. Oh to live on the right coast. If they were at the LA store. I'd snatch one up in a heart beat. I love sweatshirt bags. they are so soft and cute. and casual
  11. That's a really cute bag. But yeah, that's disappointing about the Ebay Re-sellers...defeats the whole purpose of the bag.
  12. I wish it wasn't made of sweatshirt material, I can't imagine that holding up very well - won't it get stretched out/misshapen?

    I think it is SUPER cute and I was really excited about it until I heard about the sweatshirt material thing. I'd still like to see it in person.
  13. Cute but in sweatshirt jersey?
  14. man the ebay prices are CRAZY... who in the right mind would want to buy a sweatshirt at that price?
  15. I love the bag, but I probably won't buy it because of the price. ~$100 would be more reasonable. If they lowered the price, they would probably sell more bags = more money for charity!