the french company speedy bags

  1. Hello, Does any own a speedy bag made before the french company made bags in the USA? For example, a speedy purchased in europe before 1970's. What eactly was the years LV came to USA? Which speedy style did Audrey Hepburn have in the movie Charade? The movie was produced in 1963.

    I wanted to know if the speedy style the french company made with the keather strip was produced and sold in france before it was produced in the USA market.

    I have an old speedy 30 with the leather strip. It does not sag. In my opinion it is a better made design than the present speedy bag.
  2. I own several French Co. Speedy's including a showroom minty-mint Speedy 25.
    The Speedy with the leather strip was only ever produced for the US market. Approx 1970-early 90's.
    Including the fact that the LV's are upside right on both sides of the bag, and it does not sag hardly at all...yes, in my opinion, it is a far superior bag to the current style.
  3. wow.. you gers are so detailed! ohh.. last time both right side up? could it be cost saving and time saving reasons?

    but can i ask why do u refer to 'the french company' and not just LV? just curious.. 'cause speedies are not only made in US but in france too now right?
  4. LV licensed the French Luggage Company, a California company still in business today, to make their designs as the company could not make enough items to fulfill the demand during the 1970s. LV was making stuff still, this was extra for the US market so you can find 1970s US made speedy and a 1970s LV factory made speedy now. The LV speedy never had the leather strip and always had the upside down LVs on the back side.

    The French Luggage Company was established by a Mr. French. Quite a coincidence! You can find their website or here is more information.
  5. audreys speedy was a 25, made for her by LV.
  6. Does anyone know if LV made their speedies back int he 60's or 70's in France different from what it is now? I'm asking because a friend bought a very beautiful bag but for today standards LV store said they don't think it's authentic. The LV's are cut on the side, the interior pocket is canvas and no date whatsoever. It looks like it has been repaired on the handle as well.
    I'm posting it on AUTHENTICATE IT LV... check it out and let me know