The fake that might be real--opinions please--

  1. Hi all!

    I've been lurking around here for several months but finally making my first post
    I have been buying Coach bags for at least 15 years. I did take a break from them though, when they started making them in China, instead of the US. I hated to pay a high price for something that was made in China, after all how long have our minds been trained that a product made in China was meant to be economical and of lower quality.

    I found my way back to Coach about a year ago, still a question always lingers in the back of my head. What if some of the fakes we see are actually the same product sold at the Coach stores?

    I have a couple of friends who manage Nautica and Carter factories in Mexico (among others). They send me clothes all the time, they are a penny on the dollar for them and is an authentic product. Could the same thing be happening with out beloved and very addictive purses?

    Please share you opinions...
  2. I'm sure that the Fakes are not of the same quality as the Coach sold in the boutiques.
    I understand the "Penny on the dollar," my Mom once told me she went to the Levi factory and bought a crap load of jeans at $2.00 a pair!! I'm sure every factory is like that, there are people in China walking around with legit Coach bags that they paid pennies on the dollar for because they work in the factory. Also, my SO used to own a shoe store, it was UNREAL how cheap those shoes were wholesale! Im not talking High End shoes(CL , Choos, etc..) but they were name brands like XOXO, Dollhouse, ect..he would buy them for around $30.00 and they would retail for $100.00 no lie! Consumers really do get ripped off, but what can we do about it? :s
  3. I don't think its really about how much someone paid for a bag... a person can buy a bag full price, at PCE, at TJMaxx or with an employee discount and it doesn't make the bag any less real.

    But a fake bag is a fake bag- a coach factory isn't going to make real bags and fakes, KWIM? So if someone got a bag really cheaply from the factory, its still real and would look real. So I don't think we'd be able to tell the difference.
  4. But if the bags came from the Coach factory, even if they were sold for pennies on the dollar, it is likely that whoever had them or sold them would list them as authentic. If they were manufactured by Coach, they WOULD be authentic, no matter how much they were selling for.

    People can tell fakes not because of how they are priced or how they are listed for sale, but because of how they look and because there are differences between them and authentic Coach bags.

    We all know that markups on name brand items are enormous. There are Legacy Coach bags selling at outlet for well under half price, and they are still making a large profit. Clothing is even worse in terms of markups than bags. But that's the price we pay for name-brand/designer anything.