The European MTV Music Awards in Copenhagen

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  1. Anyone saw it ??? It was thursday 2nd. Quite impossible to miss it for me since they have been showing it non stop since !:Push:
    -It was sooooo BAD, you had max 10 celebs who came : The same to present the award, to perform and get an award !
    Don´t tell me it´s bc it´s european, the previous years in Lisbonn, Dublin, was great !!
    You had 2 stages, the lucky ones inside and the ones outside freezing themselves. The audience had to go through a casting to see how they "applause".
    Rihanna´s performance....bad, she was only singing bits of lyrics !
    Nelly Furtado , crazy version of Maneater, was also singing half of sentences, and screaming.....
    No fashion to report it was all black.....In the middle of the video award, someone more "indie" got it and then you have Kanye West(the other nominee) who comes on stage "that´s not fair man, I haven´t seen your video I guess it was good but come on I spend millions doin mine I had Pamela Anderson...blabla.." Supposed to be funny ????........huh NOT !!
    Poor Winner,,he ruined it for him.
    A pity really , But Justin Timberlake did good.
  2. yep, I watched it and I have to agree.

    LOVED the Killers and Muse perfoming, absolutely amazing! :love:

    But the rest? Boring as hell and Kanye really p****d me off :cursing: I mean what a jerk. Sure, he's all that and a bag of chips in the industry, but does that give him the right to be plain rude? I don't think so. :hysteric: