The Espadrilles Dilemma

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  1. I got two pairs of Espadrilles and I am struggling to make a decision with which one to keep.

    First pair is: leather beige and black cap toe

    Second pair is : denim croc quilt with black cap toe

    I like them both, just can’t keep both, it’s too much money for me right now to keep both. I keep going back and forth to return both, or keep the denim, then I tell myself but the beige is a classic, I should keep that.

    I wouldn’t be wearing them to work, I plan to wear them with summer dresses or jeans.

    Thank for your help. I have just 5 more days before I can return them.
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  2. Keep the beige!
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  3. Do you have pictures?
    Beige and dark blue are very different color schemes; which complements your wardrobe better? And to your point about the beige/black being a classic, that means it'll always be there for you to purchase later down the road.
  4. I would also keep the beige and black. I think it goes with everything.
    Good luck deciding
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  5. Beige and black, it’s a classic!!!
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  6. Here is the picture of the two.

    Attached Files:

  7. How do they fit? The leather will stretch quite a bit, the fabric not so much.
    This is why I can never get leather espies - my regular size is too big and if I go 1 size down , they are too short. But fabric espies fit me perfect and I do not have to worry about too much stretching.
  8. I also think the denim ones will hold their shape better as well
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  9. Keep the denim bc they prob won’t be released again. You can always get beige nxt season/yr
  10. Beige. Looks more classy
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  11. The Beige gets my vote. They’re beautiful and classic.
  12. If you’re only ever going to have one then beige gets my vote.
  13. The beige one is a classic. U can NEVER go wrong with a classic piece! Plus, the lighter colored shoe elongates your legs as opposed to the dark denim which cuts your silhouette.
  14. I’d keep the beige, if I’m not mistaken they are both about the same price and for the price I’d choose leather over the denim fabric.
  15. Beige. Definitely.
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