The Elvire- I need help!

  1. Dear Purse Forumers,
    My friend Katie (really, it's not for me) decided she wants a nice purse for christmas and loves my chloe bay bag, and she's fallen in love with the Elvire. I can't blame her, it's my next favorite purse, and it's perfect for us because we are young/hip haha. Anyways, what's the best price she could find for one? She likes the Elvire in Moka or any brown and I think she wants the satchel. Are there any sales going on? Or give me some good search tips? (I'm helping her, she doesn't know much!)
  2. It depends on which style Elvire she wants! I think most styles will be at least 30% off after thanksgiving.
  3. and this thread has some pictures of other elvire designs...:
    and then there is this one at Saks:
    which is also available in patent at and Neiman Marcus
  4. I think she wants the elvire satchel in particular. I love love that hobo one though- really hot. I love low slung across the shoulder bags.

    Maybe she's reaching but she was hoping for under a 1,000. Any ideas? Just wait it out?
  5. Which Satchel? Post picture or link please!
  6. Well Bahrain has one for 800 something dollars. They are the only one who has an Elvira for under 1000 dollars (rare at this point). Maybe NM after the holidays but that will be a hit or miss on style and color. The selection was good at Sachoce (or it was?).
  7. They only had the one style at Sacoche and its my least favourite...I like the one at NM more shown through the NM link....the wider one with the 3 was on sale for about $1200 at 30% off so I think right after christams it will do down to 50% off! that should be under $1000!
    I know someone on TPF got it so hopefully we'll see modelling pics soon!
  8. Did your Elvire come yet?
  9. tomorrow, fingers crossed!!!!
    This one, but in the Moka dark brown I think is her ideal bag.
    Yes Susie, mom was telling me that Saccoche might have one for 800, so she's going to send me the email for the Bahrain store so I can ask what they have and for how much!
  11. I don't know if the Ramadan prices were a one time thing but earlier the satchel Elvire bags were just around $800- $850. Let me go check....and then you can email Irene at the new email address.

  12. Aloha Rag has this same bag

    AND it costs 200 dollars less. AR does have fabulous sales around the holidays and this Elvira can go down in price 30% and if your friend is really lucky 50%, but then again not at all?
  13. Yeah those are the ones that were on clearance at Sacoche!