The Ebay 3K Graffiti Speedy

  1. Remember the auction we were watching last week? The silver speedy that went for a little over $3,000? Well the buyer and seller just left each other neg feedback. The buyer is accusing the seller of selling a used bag :censor: . What did she think she was buying? The bag was clearly described and the seller had excellent pictures.

    Ebay is so full of freaks...
  2. Do you still have the link?
  3. Did the buyer not read the auction?

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: The seller did describe the bag well and provide good pictures. Probably a bad case of buyer's remorse.
  4. ^ Exactly!
  5. The buyer is weird :blink: and wasn't the seller shillbidding?
  6. LOL. Find me a NEW and authentic graffiti and I will buy it, if you can. That lady is so rude by calling names. She bidded that high and it's her fault. I bet she has credit card debt because of this bag.
  7. That is alot of $.
  8. :blink: Yeah, buyer's remorse.
    Maybe she could've been a member of PF and realised she was ripped off :yes:
    But I think the buyer was willing to pay a high price for a "brand new" speedy but she just didn't read the auction description properly I suppose...
  9. Agree! :biggrin:
  10. ugh...buyers like that make me mad. i had similar experiences when i had listed an expensive bag and the buyer backed out because she didnt read the entire auction! i want to email her and tell her shes an idiot... but i wont ;X
  11. Maybe she was an uneducated buyer and someone from here e-mailed her to let her know she was "crazy" for spending $3,000.00 on a used bag... :hrmm:
  12. awful seller,,,expected me to pay $3000 for a stupid USED bag.Hmmmm maybe you should have put a cap on what you wanted to bid and then give it. you on your own free will kept bidding :smile: :lol:
  13. Aww.. crazy silly people, well, that just did not end well. :sad:
  14. Ebay never ceases to surprise me.

    OT: Hi Ivy!!!! :wave: