The Deauville

  1. Does anybody have this "beauty case"? I love the look of it but, I was wonder can it be used as a handbag instead?! Please help, thanks.
    I'm not sure what the insides look like, so that it can be used as a purse.
  2. My sis has it. It's definietly cute as a handbag, like a vintage style. The inside has many pockets, and is made of a wipeable vinylish material. Very durable.
  3. I almost bought that one. When I went to get my first LV I was so excited I couldn't decide. So I finally just said "what just came out?" She told me the Popoincourt Haut is the newest one out, so that's what I got!
  4. It's a really big bag. Dp you need that much space?
  5. Bonjour, I have a DEAUVILLE. I always use it as a every day handbag, never as a beauty case. When I go to work I can take a little LV for wallet, glasses, phone... and the Deauville for carrying lunch in Tupperware, papers for work... It's a very versatile bag.
  6. It Is A Magnificent Bag & The Best For Holding Things.
  7. Thanks all for your input! I think the best thing to do is check it out inperson.
  8. Yes! Check it out! About a year ago I was walking around office max picking up essentials and I saw this lady walking by with a Deauville...I FELLL INSTANTLY IN LOVE, so I (yes I did) followed her down one isle after another...then I said to her, "What a gorgeous bag!!" She was so tickled, so I then asked her if I could have a little look at it and she was so helpful!! As I was looking at her bag she was looking at my Alma. So fun!!! I went home and called 866-VUITTON, I carried that bag to death. I just recently sent it to a my poupette seller and one of our pf ladies bought it!!! I loved that bag. It held everything!!!!
  9. yea. i like the deauville, but for me, it's a piece of luggage, imo. the trouville is more of a handbag.
  10. I just saw this bag in person and nearly blew my mortgage payment for this month on it! LOL

    I don't find it to be too much like "luggage" - but it certainly is going to be more of a bag that you use if you've got lots to carry during the day. If you're looking for this style, in something smaller- try the Trouville.

  11. This is my DEAUVILLE in situation and pictures of the inside.

  12. that is a nice size bag.
  13. I was contemplating getting this when I first started liking LV. Pretty and much bigger than I thought.
  14. Florence those are great pictures. Merci for posting them. I also love the deauville as a handbag. The trouville is too small for me. V
  15. I think Penelope Cruze carries one.

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