The Day in Blue India or Blueberry?

  1. I´m looking for the blueberry day in europe. But it seems there aren´t any at the moment. I called BalParis and they told me that they have one in Blue India. I haven´t seen the color irl. The other store at Printemp told me they get new days in two weeks.

    what would you suggest, to wait until I find one in blueberry or get the blue india one? does it get dirty easy like white??

    thank you for your help.
    by the way, has anyone the fax number form BalParis?
  2. Hello!
    Blue India!!!!The colour is outstanding:heart: :heart: Love at first sight!!!
    blue india.JPG
  3. thanks,
    how about getting dirty?
  4. I am sure I saw a Blueberry Day in Selfridges London yesterday?
  5. I don´t think that is a problem. I have my bag at a party last saturday and by mistake put it on a wet and dirty tabel!!I just whip it of with a little bit of paper and water. Very carefully!!:yes: :yes: And no spot!!
  6. Last Sunday, I finally saw a Blue India in the First and Work style at Susan of Burlingame. The color is beautiful, IRL! It looked light teal to me. Very pretty. I almost bought the First but was really set on the City.
  7. I think Blue India would look amazing in the day style! :yes:
  8. BLUEBERRY all the way!
  9. Another vote for Blueberry!
  10. Blueberry would look great in a day.
  11. oh that will be a hard desicion.... the have only one day in BI left...and he told me that he´s not sure if the get a blueberry one.
  12. Blueberry for me.:yes: I got the BI in Twiggy and did not like it and sent it back. I think i saw a Blueberry Day listed in the Achtung section.:graucho:
  13. Blue India!!! I have it in the City and no, it will not get dirty like any of the pastel colors. It is NOT a pastel as it appears in so many pictures. It's actually a deep yet vivid color. I'm not even going to Apple Garde it!

    Blue India is a gorgeous, vibrant, unique color that somehow goes with absolutely any color outfit I wear!
  14. I agree! I just got my BI Day and it is simply gorgeous. Pics cannot capture it. I posted pics in a separate thread.
  15. i haven't seen the blue india IRL but i have a blueberry day it's gorgeous so i vote blueberry!