The "DARK ARK" **pics**

  1. Here is my "DARK ARK" - the dark gold and dark white!!
    2.55 Reissue - 227 - the dark ark - gold & white - 001.jpg 2.55 Reissue - 227 - the dark ark - gold & white - 002.jpg 2.55 Reissue - 227 - dark gold - 002.jpg 2.55 Reissue - 227 - dark gold - 003.jpg 2.55 Reissue - 227- dark white - 001.jpg 2.55 Reissue - 227- dark white - 005.jpg 2.55 Reissue - 227- dark white - 008.jpg
  2. Beautiful! I love that gold.
  3. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Thank you!! for those stunning pics I am at a loss for words.:girlsigh: I love love love those colors!
  4. Oh my goodness!! gorgeous!
    Swanky you were so can I have my white march onto the ark without a partner?? Oh what color should I get??

    Japs, you are such a bad influence!
  5. Beautiful colors! I especially love the dark white.
  6. I love the burgundy so much!! There are GORGEOUS colors coming for cruise if you wait!! (I have my eye on the dark silver)

  7. I do have a soft spot for burgandy. Is that out now? I haven't seen it....or should I try to wait it out...when will the cruise line be released?

    Japs, you need to post a pic of your full collection. I am losing track of all the lovely bags you have.
  8. Oh those are beautiful, congrats:heart:
  9. Oh my goodness those are gorgeous bags! I'm feeling feverish...
  10. Haha.... I am too... many still have tags!! Cruise is November.. burgundy has been released and I am soo in love with it. The difference is there will be distressed PATENT for cruise and now its calf????
  11. OMGoodness!!!!!!!
    Stunning bags! Love that dk gold!!!
  12. i love the colors. the dark white, does it look like a light vanilla color or is it the lighting in the picture? either way its gorgeous.
  13. the dark gold is soooo hot. i love it. you are so lucky. congrats.
  14. :tender: :love: It's hard to choose a favorite.
  15. That gold is TDF - congrats and thanks for posting!