The Cupid Bag

  1. This is the one I am getting, love it! : )
  2. ps Sarah from LB said the black is the one she would pick! ; )

  3. I tried adding it to my cart and don't see the 30% off. Do you have to go through the logging in/payment process before you see the discounted price?
  4. ^^yes
  5. OMG, please do a reveal when you do!! The Black Cupid is drop dead gorgeous. I wish I could get over those handles, though. I had to ask LB if the weight of the items inside is going to cause the handles to bend and stretch badly. I hate that RM made the handles more skinnier now. Makes me really hesitant to buy one (well that, and the fact that we can't use a discount on the bags anymore -_-). I'm eyeing the May colors so I'm going to wait for more pics before I decide. I just hope I have enough saved up for the Cupid AND the Matinee, though. I just hope I can get a Mattie during the OSS because then I might be able to afford both. hehe.

    Yes! once you reach the final page (where you hit the "Place Order" button and it shows the item total) you will see the discount there. If you do purchase it, PLEASE do a reveal of this bag please!! I'm so desperate/anxious to see this bag in IRL pics.
  6. ^^Thanks PG & cathead. The question was for a friend who is strongly considering buying it. If she does, I will *force* her to post pics here. :p
  7. I wouldn't like at all if the handles stretched and bent! and I definitely won't be paying full price either! : )
  8. I agree. But I'm sure RM made these handles nice and strong so even with a heavy weight, the handles shouldn't break like that. I'm just worrying too much over it, I guess. RM knows what she's doing, I'm sure of it!

    I think I want it in Metallic taupe since Teal and red are too darn bright for me (I prefer brighter colors in smaller bags, like the MAC/Rocker). And I'm not too big on black bags so I guess MT will have to do for now (I would get Lavender, but I have that color reserved for the Matinee, so thats out of the picture). I wish I can get the MT Cupid with a discount. =( It stinks. I'm debating if I should get the Cupid or the MAM instead. I wish someone here bought the Teal and/or Red and do a reveal. I would love to see how it looks modeled, etc. Siiigh.
  9. I have lost my mind. I need a another bag like I need a hole in the head. Alas I ordered the red. All my big bags are currently blue, black and brown. I need a little color in my life! :woot::nuts:
  10. Aaaaah! PINK! My wish had been granted! lol. Yay Congrat on the purchase pink!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOUR REVEAL! please post lots of pics please please please. I'm dying (literally of course) of someone to do a reveal. Congrat! :heart:
  11. I have several new bags I need to post pics of. It has been raining MACs at my house!!!

    Amazon says it shipped today so hopefully I will have it the first of next week. Will post pics asap :yahoo:
  12. congrats pink! red cupid will be gorgey!!!
  13. Raining Macs, hallelujah! :lol:
  14. I saw this on Amazon's website and I believe it is the new grey. It has the new lining. They must have sold out because you can't click on this picture anymore with this color, but I could still grab the thumbnail.

  15. I also have the black Cupid coming next week. I am hoping it will be like the old noir leather.